How to digitize your business with BBBell

The digitization is a challenge that every company faces if it wants to be relevant and in step with the times; however, it is not always easy to do so. The problem consists above all in the fragmentation of the various solutions dedicated to connectivity, the cloud, the Web and all those tools that are now essential for having a “smart” company that is always ready to respond to the needs of the market and its customers. This is the reason why today I want to talk to you about the all-in-one solutions for the digitalization of companies proposed by BBBell, which, being modular and scalable, are able to easily meet the needs of any business.

If you do not know it yet, BBBell is a company born in Turin in 2003 and which within a few years has managed to become the largest wireless telecommunications operator in the North West (covering Liguria and Piedmont) as well as one of the major players in the national. Thanks to the use of FWA technology based on radio waves, has contributed since its inception to the solution of the “digital divide” problems by offering companies and individuals very fast and reliable connections even where there is no fiber optic or ADSL coverage (currently the radio infrastructure system owned by BBBell covers the entire Piedmontese and Ligurian territory). Where there is coverage for Optical Fiber, on the other hand, it offers Fiber solutions (also made to measure, given that it has a proprietary and widespread transport network in the reference territories). But that is not all.

BBBell allows you to digitize your business with a suite of services that each company can model according to their specific needs. The latter may include high-speed connectivity, cloud services (e.g. backup, colocation, iaas, virtual machine), Web services (hosting, email, PEC), telephone services, virtual switchboard, digital data storage systems and more; all in line with the most advanced safety standards and with the possibility of modifying the chosen solutions over time, in order to be always up-to-date by optimizing resources and costs. Interesting, right? Then read on and let me explain BBBell’s proposals for your company in more detail.


  • BBBell services for the digitalization of businesses
    • Connectivity
    • Cloud services
    • Web Services
    • Voice and virtual switchboard
    • Digital preservation
    • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • BBBell assistance

BBBell services for the digitalization of businesses

With the BBBell EasySmart solution , companies have at their disposal a suite of services for digitization that includes everything they need : from connectivity to the cloud, through the virtual switchboard and digital data storage systems, with the possibility of building each package on their specific needs and to choose, for example, the bandwidth cuts, cloud solutions and other components most useful for their business; also reserving the opportunity to modify them over time. All this allows to always obtain maximum performance, guarantees operational continuity and at the same time allows to optimize times and costs.

The BBBell EasySmart approach involves requesting a quote and developing a real strategy aimed at an effective and efficient digitization of your business. Once you have sent your request to BBBell (an operation that can be done quickly via the contact form on the official website), the current operational and organizational situation of the company is assessed with an analysis of the related risks; after which we move on to the analysis of company needs and to the identification of the objectives and results to be achieved . In this way, a new organizational and operational model is defined and the project is drawn upuseful to achieve the established objectives. Finally, the most suitable technical-economic offer for the situation is formulated, with clear and defined costs (also achievable in subsequent phases).

It should be emphasized that all the services provided by BBBell are based on the highest security standards , and as proof of this there are numerous certifications obtained by the company, including ISO 9001 (Quality of business processes relating to connectivity, telephony and video surveillance services ), ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management system), ISO 27001 with extension ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 (quality of data security processes, compliant with official provisions on internationally valid company procedures and current legislation on privacy) and the CSP Cloud Service Provider Qualification conferred by AgId. More info here .

That said, let me illustrate the main services that BBBell offers in terms of connectivity, cloud, Web, voice, etc., from which you can choose to compose the solution that best suits the needs of your business.


As for connectivity , in the BBBell price list there are both connections based on FWA radio wave technology (to have a stable high-speed connection even in areas that are not reached by optical fiber or ADSL), and connections in fiber Optics . In both cases we are talking about solutions able to satisfy all the modern needs of companies, including those of smart working , teleworking , video surveillance and the creation of high quality videoconferences without blocks or interruptions.

BBBell’s Business plans , for example, allow you to choose symmetrical FWA profiles (with the same download and upload speed) or asymmetrical (with download speeds other than upload speeds) from 8 to 50 Mbps in download and from 4 to 10 Mega upload with guaranteed minimum bandwidth declared, public static IP address included, antenna on free loan (including replacement in case of breakdowns) and direct assistance. In combination with voice services (with the addition of all-inclusive channels), virtual switchboard and / or cloud services, it is possible to save up to 45% on the monthly fee of the data line. More info, coverage and quotes here .

With the BBTOP options , on the other hand, you can choose between symmetrical or asymmetrical FWA profiles on WLL licensed frequency band with speeds up to 100 Mbps in download and upload and voice services. Also in this case the minimum guaranteed values ​​equal to 50% of the peak band, public static IP address, antenna on free loan (with replacement in case of breakdowns) and direct assistance are shown. A very important difference compared to the Office and Business profiles is the WLL licensed radio frequency which guarantees performance equal to the optical fiber. More info, coverage and quotes here .

Moving on to BBFIBRA solutions , the latter provide symmetrical lines dedicated and guaranteed at 99% on licensed WLL (Wireless Local Loop) frequencies from 100 Mega up to 1 Giga plus integration with Unified Communication systems. The public static IP address is included in the price, the antenna is always on loan for free use with replacement in case of breakdowns and direct assistance. Unlike the TOP solutions, BBFIBRA is a dedicated point-to-point link from the BTS to the customer’s site. More info, coverage and quotes here .

Finally, there is BBBell’s project fiber : a service reserved for businesses and local authorities that have specific needs. It is not comparable to traditional FTTH fiber connections since, in this case, the connectivity is provided with a dedicated and exclusive flow towards the customer, who is thus interconnected with the closest fiber ring of the BBBell network (which has its own network of BACKBONE transport,
proprietary and widespread in the reference territories) with guaranteed bandwidth up to 10 Gbps. More info, coverage and quotes here .

With more than 1,500 km of proprietary optical fiber , all radio stations and BBBell nodes are bound in fiber or with high capacity bridges (with 10 Gbps performance) and the whole network is “meshed” and “redundant” in order to guarantee continuity of service even in the event of breakdowns.

Cloud services

The cloud is the key to digitizing your company and bringing it into a world of services with truly infinite potential. Hence, BBBell proposes a complete suite of cloud services for the archiving, processing and transmission of data in the company capable of integrating and adapting to any work environment, guaranteeing the highest degree of security and reliability. Here are the most important ones.

  • Cloud Backup – BBBell offers a “Backup as a Service” solution that allows the saving and restoration of previously stored data, both in the cloud and locally, through a flexible and secure system, which makes use of encrypted connections for the transfer data at the BBBell Data Center and is based on Veeam Backup & Replication software, market leader in Cloud Data Management. You can choose whether to perform scheduled backups on an hourly, daily weekly or customized schedule, in order to protect your data and work environment from cyber threats, accidental errors and other problems that could compromise service continuity. Everything can be managed through a very intuitive console that allows you to create and restore backups in a few clicks.
  • Colocation– the BBBell Colocation service allows you to manage your servers and company systems in adequate spaces protected with high security standards. It is a scalable solution, perfect for all those who want to use proprietary hardware but are looking for an external solution to maximize its performance and keep everything always safe and at maximum performance. Thanks to its highly automated IT infrastructure, BBBell guards the company’s equipment in a controlled environment, designed to guarantee the best in terms of connectivity, power supply, air conditioning, ensuring everything that contributes to maintaining high performance; in this way it is possible to guarantee continuity of service while at the same time obtaining constant protection against physical risks, monitoring and supervision service. The management of data and software, then, remains the responsibility of the IT staff within the company, so there are no problems for the processing of sensitive data or the use of customized software of the infrastructure itself.
  • IAAS infrastructure – through BBBell’s IAAS infrastructure it is possible to virtualize the resources and internal equipment of your company, reducing at the same time the management costs, the environmental impact and improving both the performance and the degree of safety; all without giving up complete autonomy in terms of management, installation and configuration of the software to be used. In a nutshell, it is possible to operate on a cloud-based, dynamic and always accessible infrastructure in which you can adjust CPU, RAM, storage space according to the actual workloads and the processing needs to be met.
  • Virtual Machine – using cloud-based virtual machines, i.e. remote virtual computers with scalable performance, on which you can use your own software, is an excellent choice to replace or complement the physical infrastructures of your company in a perspective of transformation digital aimed at optimizing costs, reducing installation times and increasing the protection and security of your data. BBBell offers its solution for virtual machines with servers designed and preconfigured tailored to customer needs and simplified access via clients such as Terminal Services or remote desktop; all based on VMware technology , market leader in the field of virtualization.

For more information, I refer you to the official website of BBBell , where you can find the specifications and features in detail of each service offered and you can request a contact for a quote.

Web Services

BBBell also provides a wide range of Web services , ideal for establishing and / or consolidating your company’s online presence and communicating effectively with customers and suppliers.

The ‘ hosting web space with 10GB , for example, is ideal for hosting your own Web site or e-commerce infrastructure designed to the highest safety standards. It includes access via FTP, PHP and PERL and customizable backup and restore services.

For professional or personal communications, BBBell then provides a service for creating and registering 1 or more e-mail boxes to be used via webmail or client, both from computers and mobile devices.

The Certified Electronic Mail service , on the other hand, allows you to send communications with legal value (equal to that of a registered letter with return receipt) with 1GB of storage space, integrated anti-spam service, SMS notifications and more.

For further details, I refer you to the official website of BBBell , on which you can also request a telephone contact to request a personalized quote.

Voice and virtual switchboard

The phone services can be vital in a company. Here then is the Voice solution by BBBell , which includes a voice line from 1 to 30 channels with pay-as-you-go (5 euros / month) or unlimited (up to 12 euros / month) calls, possibility to keep your current number and cordless telephone Free DECT. More info Here .

BBVoicy instead allows you to have a virtual switchboard integrated into the network system of your company (therefore with access to information already contained in the database, e-mail and / or Customer Management systems), with advanced telephone services and the possibility of increasing or reducing at any time the number of telephone stations and services according to needs. It has no purchase and maintenance costs (it only has a fixed monthly cost for each telephone device connected to the switchboard) and offers a very intuitive interface capable of adapting to use from both PCs and mobile devices. More info here .

Digital preservation

Keeping documents in digital format in accordance with the provisions of the law is of fundamental importance. This is where BBCons , the BBBell digital preservation service comes into play which allows you to delegate to an external party (in this case BBBell, as an AgID Accredited Conservator) the conservation of your documents in accordance with the law for the number of years required by law, guaranteeing authenticity, integrity, reliability, readability and easy and immediate availability of the latter.

All information is stored at BBBell data centers in a private and secure manner. Furthermore, the integrated disaster recovery system and access monitoring prevent accidental data loss or their possible unauthorized alteration. More info here .

Wi-Fi hotspot

BBSpot by BBBell allows you to easily activate and manage secure hotspot areas with a modular approach capable of responding to every need for connectivity, both in private and public areas. It provides for authentication and user access via username and password received via SMS or social account or temporary credentials preset by the manager; ability to create customized free or paid navigation packages, view coverage maps and much more. More info here .

BBBell assistance

For any need, it is always important to be able to count on technical, commercial and administrative support that is ready to respond to customer requests in a timely and effective manner.

In this regard, it must be emphasized that the assistance offered by BBBell to its customers is direct : this means that there are no external call centers to which the various requests are delegated and that, therefore, all calls are handled directly by the internal staff. ‘company, to guarantee an effective and timely resolution of any doubt or problem. Furthermore, the fact that it is possible to talk to operators without having to untangle complicated paths of choice with the telephone keypad should not be underestimated!

BBBell’s technical, commercial and administrative assistance is available at 011-0161616 from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 19.00 and on Saturdays from 9.00 to 13.00. In addition, existing customers can contact support directly from their private area on the site or through the myBBBell app .

Not a customer yet and want to know more about BBBell and its services? In this case, linked to this page , click on the button Not yet our customer? and fill out the form that is proposed to you to be contacted by phone.

On the same page you will also find the buttons to check the coverage of the service in your area and find the authorized shops closest to you.

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