How to clear browser cache

How to clear browser cache: From time to time, the user is faced with the need to clear the browser cache. In this article, we will consider the question of how to clear the browser cache from the settings of the browser itself, or using a special program to optimize computer performance.

What is a cache? These are temporary files and other data that is stored in the browser. The cache stores information about the history of visiting certain web pages on the Internet.

What is the cache for? The cache is needed to speed up the loading of website pages. If this page has already been saved in the browser cache, then when it is opened again, the web page will not be loaded from the Internet, but from the browser cache, that is, from the computer. Therefore, this site will be opened very quickly.

But, with the undoubted convenience of using this storage – the browser cache, it also has a significant drawback. The essence of this shortcoming is that the browser cache is constantly increasing in size, especially with the active use of the Internet. A large amount of saved data in the cache begins to affect the performance of the browser.

Therefore, the user constantly needs to clear the browser cache, or browsers if several browsers are installed on your computer.

This article will discuss clearing the cache in the most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex Browser, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer.

How to Clear the Google Chrome Browser Cache

To enter the Chrome browser settings, click on the “Customize and manage Google Chrome” button in the upper right corner of the browser window. Next, select the “History” item in the context menu, or simultaneously press the “Ctrl” + “H” keyboard buttons.

In the “History” browser tab that opens, click on the “Clear history …” button.

This will open the Clear History window. In this window, you can choose for how long the cache of the Chrome browser should be cleared. The browser cache can be cleared:

  • during all this time;
  • in the last 4 weeks;
  • for the last week;
  • for yesterday;
  • for the past hour.

You can also select additional items to clear the cache, in addition to those already selected in the default browser. Just keep in mind that deleting additional elements will result in you having to re-enter data from your accounts if you store your logins and passwords in the Google Chrome browser.

After completing the selection of settings, click on the “Clear History” button.

After the cleaning is completed, the cache will be deleted from the Google Chrome browser.

How to clear Yandex Browser cache

To clear the cache in Yandex.Browser, go to your browser settings. To do this, click on the “Yandex browser settings” button.

In the context menu that opens, select “History” and then “History Manager”. You can also enter the “History” tab using the keyboard keys, while simultaneously pressing the “Ctrl” + “H” keys.

Then, in the “History” tab, click on the “Clear history …” button.

In the “Clear history” window, you can select the required time period for which the browser cache should be cleared. You can choose the following time options:

  • for the past hour;
  • for yesterday;
  • for the last week;
  • in the last 4 weeks;
  • during all this time.

In this window, it will additionally be possible to check the following items: “browsing history” and “download history”. The rest of the items, without special need, it would be better not to touch.

Next, click on the “Clear History” button.

After the cleaning process is completed, the cache will be deleted from Yandex.Browser.

How to Clear Mozilla Firefox Browser Cache

In Mozilla Firefox, the cache from the browser can be deleted in two ways. In one case, the entire browser cache will be deleted at once in Mazila, in the other case, the user will be able to independently select the settings for deleting the cache.

The first way to delete the cache in Firefox

In this case, Mazila Firefox will delete the entire browser cache.

In the browser window, click on the “Open Menu” button, and then click on the “Settings” button. In the “Settings” window, open the “Advanced” tab. Next, open the “Network” tab.

Then, in the “Cached Web Content” section, first click on the “Clear Now” button, and then on the “OK” button.

After the cleaning is completed, the entire cache in the Mozilla Firefox browser will be deleted.

The second way to clear the cache in Firefox

In this case, you can independently choose the options for clearing the cache in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

To do this, first click on the “Open menu” button in the browser window, and then on the “Journal” button. A column listing the contents of the log will open on the right side of the browser window.

Click in the log on the item “Delete history …”.

After that, the “Delete all history” window will open. Here you can choose options for deleting the browser cache for a specific time period:

  • for the last hour;
  • in the last two hours;
  • in the last four hours;
  • for today;
  • all.

You can also select additional options to remove other data from the browser. If you use the automatic entry of your logins and passwords using a browser, then carefully consider the choice of the “Cookies” item. If you delete cookies from your browser, you will have to re-enter your credentials on the sites.

Next, click on the “Delete Now” button.

The Mozilla Firefox browser will clear the cache.

How to clear the cache of the Opera browser

In the Opera browser, you will need to click on the “Opera” button, and then select the “History” context menu item. You can also enter the “History” tab using the keyboard keys “Ctrl” + “H”.

Next, the “History” tab will open in the browser. Here you will need to click on the “Clear browsing history …” button.

In the “Clear browsing history” window that opens, you can select the period for which it will be necessary to clear the browser cache:

  • for the last hour;
  • for the last day;
  • for the last week;
  • in the last 4 weeks;
  • from the very beginning.

Please note that “Delete cookies and other site data” is enabled by default. This means that after cleaning the browser, you will have to re-enter the data from your account (login and password) on the sites.

After completing the settings, click on the “Clear browsing history” button.

As a result, the cache from the Opera browser will be deleted.

How to Clear Cache in Microsoft Edge Browser

In the Microsoft Edge browser, go to “Settings”, find “Clear browsing data”, and then click on the “Choose what to clear” button.

Next, you will need to choose what to clear. By default, the item “Cached data and files” is already activated. To clear the cache, click the “Clear” button.

After that, the cache in the Microsoft Edge browser will be deleted.

How to Clear the Internet Explorer Cache

In the Internet Explorer browser, click on the “Tools” button, select “Internet Options” in the context menu. In the “General” tab, in the “Browsing history” section, click on the “Delete …” button.

In the “Delete Browsing History” window, you can additionally activate some items for deleting Internet Explorer browser data. Here, also pay attention to cookies and passwords.

Next, click on the “Delete” button.

After that, on your computer, in the Internet Explorer browser, the cache will be cleared, temporary Internet files will be deleted from the computer. Then, in the “Internet Options” window, click on the “OK” button to exit the browser settings.

Deleting cache with CCleaner

You can delete the cache in the browser using specialized programs for cleaning and optimizing your computer. In the functions of programs for cleaning the system, there are items that relate to clearing the cache of browsers.

For example, in the popular CCleaner program, these items are already activated by default. In Internet Explorer, this item is called “Temporary Browser Files”, and in other browsers – “Internet Cache”.

After the analysis is completed, click on the “Clean” button. You can read more about using CCleaner on your computer here and on this page.

Article Conclusions

If necessary, you can delete the cache in the browser installed on your computer. This can be done using the settings of the browser itself, or you can delete the cache using third-party programs to clean and optimize the system.

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