How to check screen time on Android

What does “screen time” mean on a phone? How to check screen time on Android?

Screen time on mobile devices – statistics in the form of the number of minutes / hours that the user spent in different applications. It is used to track exactly which programs distract a person from work, and how much time he spends on them throughout the day. In this way, many struggle with telephone addiction, and also control children.

How to check screen time on Android?

The location of this function may differ on different smartphone models. The easiest way to find it is as follows:

  1. Open phone settings.
  2. In the settings search, enter the phrase “screen time”.

If there are no results, you can try other methods. Many devices running newer versions of Android have a separate section called Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls. It is entirely devoted to the statistics of how much time and in which applications the user spends.

Here you can also set limits, timers, or choose other tools to protect yourself from excessive use of your smartphone. For example, there is a separate night mode that will reduce the time you use your device at night and restore the correct sleep pattern.

The screen time counter can be located in other sections, for example:

  1. In the “Apps & Notifications” section. Here you need to click on the “Time of use” line to get a detailed breakdown by time and applications.
  2. In the “Battery” section. In this case, to see how much time was spent in a particular application, you must click on it – information will be displayed on how long this application has been running today.

Third Party Apps with Screen Time

You can monitor how much time it takes to use applications on your phone using third-party programs if the device does not have a built-in function. You need to download any application from Google Play, for example:

  • ActionDash. Provides detailed statistics on screen time and number of unlocks similar to the Digital Wellbeing section.
  • stay free. The functions are the same, but as an increase in motivation to fight phone addiction, you can compare your results (screen time) with those of other users from around the world.
  • My Apps Time. In addition to tracking screen time, it provides access to a community of other users, the ability to create an account, share interests and find like-minded people.

All applications are free and have almost identical functionality: viewing screen time by application per day, week or month, the number of phone unlocks, and the ability to set timers.

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