How to change your payment method on Amazon

Have you changed your credit card and don’t know how to change your payment method on Amazon ? No problem. The giant of online sales, in fact, offers its users various features that allow you to easily change the settings in question, both as regards the balance of orders placed in e-commerce, and for the management of subscriptions to the various services. offered, such as Amazon Prime or Amazon Music . Find everything explained below.


  • How to change payment method on Amazon
    • From PC
    • From mobile
  • How to change the Amazon Prime payment method
  • How to change your Amazon Music payment method

How to change payment method on Amazon

If you are trying to understand how to change the payment method on Amazon , in this first part of the guide I will show you what you need to do to change the default one , which is valid by default for all orders, or temporarily set a different one in relation to a specific order.

From PC

If you usually make purchases on Amazon from a PC , first connect to the main page of the site and authenticate by entering the usual login information (e-mail address and password) in the appropriate form that appears, then press the Login button located top right.

Once this is done, if it is your intention to change the default payment method , that is the one that is set by default when you are placing a new order, press on your name which now appears at the top right and, from the menu that is shown, presses the option My account .

On the next page, then locate the Your Payments feature and click on it to be redirected to the screen dedicated to managing payment settings, then click on the Settings item in the Amazon Pay menu located at the top: here you will find your purchase preferences predefined, consisting of the payment method and the delivery address .

At this point, you will not have difficulty understanding how to change the payment method on Amazon : in fact, you just need to press the Change preferences item there and, if requested, re-enter the password of your Amazon account .

In the following screen you will be offered a history of the purchase preferences used over time: if the solution you want to adopt is among those listed, just press the respective Make default button to change this setting.

Otherwise, to only change the payment method with another one not included in the history, press on the relative item Change in the box set as default value , then, in the next step, choose another credit / debit card or an account current already registered previously and press the Continue button located at the top right.

If, on the other hand, you need to add a new payment method that has never been used before, in the same screen, a little further down, you will find the appropriate functions to do so: according to your needs you will have to click on the item Add a credit or debit card or Add a current account , fill in the form that is shown at the same time with the respective requested information and press the Continue button to apply the changes.

How do you say? Is it not your intention to change your payment preferences permanently, but only occasionally in relation to a specific order you are about to complete? In this case the solution is just as simple: after choosing the product, press the cart symbol located at the top right, then press the Proceed to order button to access the page with shipping and payment preferences .

Now, in the section relating to the Payment method, click on the Edit item that appears on the side: also in this case it is possible to select a payment method already registered or add a new one (credit / debit card or current account) using the appropriate buttons , always filling in the forms that are proposed to you at the same time.

If you have an Amazon voucher you can also select this option by typing the relevant code in the appropriate field and pressing the Insert button . Finally, consider that it is possible to set the method of payment in cash , which provides that the balance is physically made in a nearby affiliated store (which you can select during the following steps) within 48 hours from the order .

From mobile

Would you like to change the payment method on Amazon from mobile , through the Amazon Shopping app , but can’t find the functionality that allows you to do this? Don’t worry, even in this case the procedure is easy to implement and to get started I’ll show you how to change the default one .

First of all, start the app in question (if you have not yet installed it, here you will find all the information you need to complete it) and, on the main screen, press on the profile symbol located in the bottom menu.

Next, tap on the My Account feature , then press the Your Payments option in the Account Settings section and, in the next step, press the Settings item to access the section called Your purchase preferences : to change this setting you do not have to just click on the arrow on the side and press the button that shows the current payment method in the box that indicates the default value used.

Once this is done, if you want to use a payment method already registered in the past, select it in the list below and click on the Continue button . If, on the other hand, it is an instrument that you have not yet entered, press the Add a payment method , then indicate whether it is a credit / debit card or a current account by pressing the relative option: you will simply have to enter the respective information in the form that is proposed to you and press the Add button to complete the operation.

If your intention is to change the payment method only occasionally in reference to a specific order you are about to complete, after adding the product (or products) to the cart, press on the appropriate symbol that appears at the bottom (in which it is reported also the number of items you are about to buy), then presses the Proceed to order button .

At this point, tap on the Payment Methods item in the Payment Information section and, if it is a method already registered, select it from the list below and press the Continue button . Here, among the options proposed, there is also the Pay in Cash method at the nearest Point of Sale : in this case, you will then have to set the affiliate shop that is most convenient for you, where you will have to pay the amount within 48 hours to confirm the ‘order.

If you have a gift voucher , you can use it to pay the amount due by entering the relevant code in the appropriate field at the bottom of the screen, always pressing the Continue button to set it.

If, on the other hand, it is a payment instrument that you have not yet entered on Amazon, press the Add a payment method that appears below and define whether it is a credit / debit card or a current account , then fill in the form that is proposed to you with the respective information and click on the Add button .

How to change the Amazon Prime payment method

If you wish to realize how to change the Amazon Prime payment method , I inform you that the procedure set out in the previous chapters is the same as regards the balance of the orders placed following the subscription of the program in question (which I told you about in detail here ).

Instead, it is possible to differentiate the payment method of the periodic fee of the Prime subscription in a very simple way: if you are proceeding from a PC , once authenticated on the Amazon site, press the symbol of your profile located at the top right and press on the item My account , then, in the following screen, press the button that says Prime .

On the next page you will find, within the banner at the top, the information relating to the Renewal date and, under it, the wording Update your payment method : by pressing it you will see a drop-down menu at the bottom of which is the Change payment method functionality and clicking on it you will be shown a special screen that will allow you to easily carry out the operation.

The operation, essentially, is completely identical to that illustrated in the previous chapter as regards the default payment method for orders: therefore, by acting on the respective functions you will be able to select a payment instrument already in the list, add a credit card / debit or current account , use the balance of an Amazon gift card , or even enter vouchers or promotional codes in your name.

If you want to change the Amazon Prime fee payment tool from the Amazon Shopping app , instead, just press the ☰ symbol located at the bottom right, select the Prime option twice and, in the screen that appears, press the My item. Amazon Prime located at the bottom of the same.

Once this is done, tap on the Manage subscription function that appears just below your name, presses the word Update your payment method contained in the Renewal date section , then press the Change payment method item located below to the information relating to the tool currently set: at this point you can select the preferred one from the list that is proposed to you, add a new one, or enter the details of a gift certificate, a voucher or a promotion.

How to change your Amazon Music payment method

Also with regard to the Amazon Music service, it is possible to further differentiate the payment system if you have subscribed to an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription . The Prime version , on the other hand, which is included in the program in question, inherits the respective settings, which can be managed as I explained to you in the previous chapter .

If, therefore, you are looking for instructions on how to change payment method on Amazon Music with particular reference to the Unlimited service , I advise you to proceed in this way: if you are operating from your computer , connected to the main site of the service , then authenticate by pressing the Login button located at the top right, filling out the form with the required login information and pressing the Login button again .

Next, press the gear symbol that appears at the top right and press the Amazon Music Settings item in the menu that is proposed to you: a new tab of your browser will be opened with a dedicated page relating to the service in question where it is present, in a special box, information relating to the current payment method .

Inside you will also find the Change item which, once pressed, will redirect you to the screen for managing payment instruments: here you can enter one already used previously, or add a credit / debit card or a current account.

Alternatively, if you use the ‘ app for Desktop of Amazon Music , you can access a screen similar to the current one by clicking on the symbol of the profile at the top placed to the right and selecting Settings from the menu that appears, click, finally, the voice Manage your music subscription .

Do you prefer to carry out the operation from mobile ? In this case it is necessary to proceed directly from the Amazon Music app , which is available for Android smartphones and tablets , iOS devices and Fire tablets (in which it is installed as standard): just press the gear symbol located at the top right of the screen main and press Settings from the context menu.

Once this is done, tap on the Amazon Music Unlimited – Music Settings option located under the Your Account section , then press the Payment Method box there, which will send you to a new screen through which you can set up a different payment instrument , possibly adding a new one using the appropriate function.

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