How to change iPhone battery

The life cycle of the iPhone battery , that is the period of time for which the battery is expected to work before it needs to be replaced, depends on the use to which the device – and consequently the battery – is subjected on a daily basis. As stated by Apple on its official website “a common battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 500 full charge cycles, operating under normal conditions” and “Apple’s one-year warranty includes coverage of the assistance in case of defective battery “.

Although there are numerous tricks suggested and included by Apple in the iOS operating system to optimize the performance and battery life of the iPhone, it is inevitable that it will need to be replaced in the long run. Considering, however, that the battery is not removable, a question arises: how to change the iPhone battery ?

If you too have asked yourself this question at least once and, now, you find yourself in the situation of having to replace the battery of your “iPhone by”, you must know that it is sufficient to contact the Apple assistance service who will replace it with an original battery. . Alternatively, you can buy an iPhone compatible battery online and replace it on your own. Find everything explained in detail right below.


  • When to change iPhone battery
  • How to change iPhone battery with Apple
  • How to change iPhone battery “do it yourself”

When to change iPhone battery

As I have already mentioned to you in the introductory lines of this guide, it is necessary to change the iPhone battery when it is no longer able to offer good autonomy and satisfactory performance.

If you have noticed that your iPhone needs to be recharged more frequently, this is already a sign that the battery may need to be replaced. To see the status of your battery and understand if it actually needs to be changed, you can use the Battery Status function available on iPhone 6 and later models.

To view the battery condition of your “iPhone by”, then access the iOS Settings by pressing the gear wheel icon on the Home screen, tap on the Battery item and select the Battery status option .

In the new screen displayed you can find out both what is the maximum capacity of the battery – that is its current capacity value in relation to when it was new – and the level of performance it is able to offer.

If you see the message Availability maximum performance , you can sleep peacefully as your iPhone battery is still able to offer high level performance and no replacement is necessary.

If, on the other hand, you see the Important message box on the battery and a warning relating to the deterioration of its performance, it is advisable to replace it to maximize the autonomy and performance of the iPhone again. For more information on this, I leave you to my guide on how to see iPhone battery status.

How to change iPhone battery with Apple

If your iPhone battery needs to be replaced, I recommend that you go to Apple’s repair service as it is the only solution to get a new original battery .

Regardless of which iPhone model you have, if it is still under warranty or under AppleCare + coverage , the replacement is free . In this regard, my guide on how to check Apple warranty may be useful .

In any other case, the cost to get a new Apple battery is 55 euros for iPhone 5S to iPhone 8 Plus models and 75 euros for iPhone X and later models. I want to underline that, in particular circumstances, Apple could attribute the battery malfunction to manufacturing defects and replace it at no cost.

To have your iPhone battery replaced, you can go to an authorized service center in person or send it directly to an Apple repair center. In both cases, connected to the official Apple website, click on the iPhone entry and select the Battery and recharge and Battery replacement options .

At this point, press on the box Take it with you for repair , log in with your Apple ID and select the iPhone for which you are requesting a battery replacement.

On the Take it with you for repair screen , click the Continue button and select the Allow appearance on screen option , to allow the browser to locate it. Alternatively, enter your address in the appropriate field and click on the Continue button .

Then select the Apple center of your interest from those listed on the screen, choose the date and time you prefer and click on the Confirm appointment button , to book an appointment and, on the day and time chosen, bring yours for repair. iPhone. For the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to make an appointment with Apple.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to send your iPhone to a repair center, click on the Send for repair item and, after logging in with the credentials associated with your Apple ID, select the iPhone for which you intend to replace the battery.

Then make sure that the shipping details to which the device will be sent after repair are correct, select the option for home collection by courier and click on the Continue button .

At this point, you can view the total cost of the repair including shipping costs and proceed to payment. Then enter the details of your credit / debit card in the appropriate fields, put the check mark to accept the conditions of service and press the button Go to device preparation , to make the payment and view the details relating to the preparation and when picking up the package.

Please note that if you have completed the operation by 9.00 pm, the collection is scheduled for the next business day after that of the collection request.

How do you say? Before booking a repair or sending your iPhone, would you like to speak to a real Apple operator? If so, on the screen Do you need to replace your iPhone? , select the option of your interest between Chat , to chat with an Apple employee, and Talk to Apple Support now , to book a call and be contacted directly by Apple. In that regard, my guide on how to contact Apple may be useful.

How to change iPhone battery “do it yourself”

If you are wondering if it is possible to change the iPhone battery “do it yourself” you will be glad to know that the answer is yes. Keep in mind, though, that disassembling your iPhone does not automatically void your warranty.

Also, you should be aware that Apple does not market original batteries and, consequently, it is necessary to purchase a third party one which, in the long run, may not ensure the same duration and performance as an original battery.

My advice, therefore, is to replace the battery independently only on “old” iPhones to which you intend to give a second life and which you do not intend to use as the main device. In the other cases, considering that the difference in price between an Apple repair (which also includes labor) and the replacement “do it yourself” is a few tens of euros, carefully consider which choice to make.

That said, there are compatible batteries on the market that perfectly match the characteristics and aesthetics of the original ones and that have all the tools necessary to open the iPhone and replace the battery.

Before proceeding with the purchase, I recommend that you make sure that the battery you intend to buy is compatible with the model of iPhone in your possession. Among the batteries on sale, there are also some with an amperage, that is a capacity, greater than the original Apple ones: they are not to be avoided at all costs, however, please pay attention to their quality. If so, you might find it helpful to read reviews from other users.

After purchasing a new battery and making sure you have everything you need to open iPhone , you are ready to disassemble the “iPhone by” and replace the battery.

Before proceeding, however, I suggest you take a look at iFixIt , a very famous Web portal on which you can not only buy replacement electronic accessories (including iPhone batteries), but which also collects guides and advice on “do it yourself” repairs. you”.

In particular, I advise you to connect to the page dedicated to iPhone repair , select the iPhone model in your possession and, in the new screen displayed, choose the Battery replacement option , so that you can read a detailed guide completely in Italian and see some video tutorials that will allow you to change the battery of your iPhone without making mistakes.

If iFixit doesn’t help or you want more support, you can also search YouTube . Speaking of which, my guide on how to search YouTube may be helpful .

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