How to call anonymously

Are you planning a phone prank to play on your friends and for this reason you would like to “obscure” your number by making an anonymous call? Well, surely you will have a lot of fun, but in order for your plan to go through, you need to make sure that the number you are calling from is invisible to your “victims”. How do you say? Are you afraid of not succeeding because you don’t know how to call anonymously ? You can rest assured because, thanks to reading this post, you will be able to make anonymous calls with extreme simplicity, both from your smartphone and from your home phone.

Before going into the highlight of this article, however, I would like to clarify a couple of things. First, phone carriers and authorities can easily trace your phone number. Furthermore, the friends you want to play the joke on could independently trace your number using useful services for identifying private numbers.

All clear? Well, I would say that now is the time to ban the chatter to get to the heart of this tutorial. Therefore, make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time all for yourself, read carefully the information you find written in the next paragraphs and you will see that you will be able to make perfect phone pranks to your friends thanks to calls made anonymously!


  • How to call anonymously from your mobile
    • Code to call anonymously from your mobile
    • How to call anonymously: Android
    • How to call anonymously: iPhone
  • How to call anonymously from a landline

How to call anonymously from your mobile

If you intend to use your mobile phone to call anonymously , you can choose between two different solutions: use a manual procedure to be performed whenever you decide to make an anonymous call or go to the settings of your device to make sure that all calls in output are anonymous to those who receive them.

For now, become familiar with both procedures and then choose the one that, in your opinion, is right for you. For all the details of the case, read on.

Code to call anonymously from your mobile

If you want to make a one-off joke this is, most likely, the solution for you. To call anonymously manually, using a special code , all you have to do is start the dialer of your smartphone (i.e. the dialing screen, usually accessible by selecting the handset icon ), call up the numeric keypad by pressing the appropriate icon (usually it is the one with the keypad ).

Then, type on the keypad you see on the screen the phone number of the contact you want to call anonymously, preceded by the string  # 31 # (eg # 31 # 1234567890 if you want to call the number  1234567890 ). Then, start the phone call normally, by pressing the key to make a call (usually the one with the handset lifted icon ).

The procedure is valid on all smartphone models and operating systems, as well as with all telephone numbers and telephone operators, so you can use it without problems to call anonymously with TIM , to call anonymously with Iliad , to  call anonymously Wind etc. Furthermore, there are no additional costs or surcharges. In fact, the one made is “counted” as a standard call.

The contact you called should not see your number, but the words “Private Number” or “Unknown” . The conditional is a must because if your contact uses a  service to trace private numbers , he could easily “pick up” the number from which you made the call. If, on the other hand, the recipient uses a service to  block anonymous calls , your call attempts may be in vain, as this kind of service blocks calls from unknown numbers.

How to call anonymously: Android

If you want to make a series of “burst” phone pranks and you need to call anonymously avoiding wasting time, typing “by hand” from time to time the numbers to call preceded by the code # 31 #, I suggest you enable the function automatic to make calls with a private number that is offered by your mobile phone.

To set up automatic anonymous calls on an Android smartphone , open the dialer (it is the dialing screen, it is usually accessible by selecting the handset icon ), tap the button with the three dots  located at the top right and, in the box that opens, touch the Settings item . In the screen that appears, press on the  Calls and Other settings items , tap the Caller ID option   and select the Hide number option  .

On some Android smartphones, the names of some items to be selected may change slightly. Therefore, if you have encountered difficulties with the procedure indicated in the previous paragraph, try to follow the steps that I am about to show you below: open the dialer , tap the button with the three dots  and press on the Call Settings item . Subsequently, select the item  Other , then the Other settings , tap on the option Caller ID and put the check mark on the item Hide number .

In case you have second thoughts, all you have to do is disable the Hide number option by reaching the Android sections above again.

Keep in mind that some of the instructions to call with a private number that I have given you a moment ago regarding the items in the Android settings may differ slightly depending on the brand and model of smartphone you have and depending on the version of the operating system you are employing.

How to call anonymously: iPhone

On the iPhone , on the other hand, to call anonymously automatically you must proceed as follows: select the Settings icon  (the one with the gear wheel ) that you find on the home screen and / or in the iOS app Library, tap on the Phone item , then on that  Show Caller ID  and move the  switch  lever next to the Show Caller ID item to  OFF .

Did you see how simple it was? To show your number again to your contacts you must, instead, move the switch lever next to the Show Caller ID item  in the iOS settings section to ON .

How to call anonymously from a landline

If you decide to call anonymously from your landline , you have only one “way” to go: manually dial the number to call by entering a code consisting of symbols and numbers. This procedure is practically identical to the one I indicated in the step at the beginning of the guide , describing the “manual procedure” to be implemented to make anonymous calls from your smartphone. The only difference is the code itself to use.

In fact, to call anonymously from the landline phone, you must prefix the phone number to call with the code  * 67 #  (e.g. if you need to call the number 1234567890 , you must dial the number * 67 # 1234567890 on the numeric keypad  ). The string I have just indicated is valid for all operators , but only if you use Vodafone the code to be prefixed to the phone number is # 31 # .

Then, initiate the call and the called contact will see “Unknown” or “Private number” instead of the phone number you called from. Did you see how simple it was?

Even in this case, you can make anonymous calls to all mobile network numbers and all landline numbers without paying any additional costs or surcharges.

If necessary, you can also consider permanently hiding your number when calling from a landline. To do this, you need to contact your carrier’s customer service and request the necessary instructions to remove your contact number from the public telephone directory . If you don’t know how to contact your operator’s customer service, read my guides dedicated to  TIM , Vodafone , WINDTRE and Fastweb .

Alternatively, to hide permanently fixed number can try to visit the website to your operator and search for information relating to the ‘ subscriber list in the customer serves individual.

Warning: this guide was written for informational purposes only. I take no responsibility if you use the information below to stalk, threaten other people, or commit other criminal offenses.


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