How to add link to instagram story

We are going to learn how to add link to instagram story, which take followers to the web page of our choice. Instagram has always restricted the use of external links, but now in Stories we can use them freely.

In the first big update of Instagram Stories came the option to incorporate links in these collections of photos and short videos that disappear after 24 hours. However, at first the links in the Stories could only be put by verified accounts, something that luckily has changed.

Currently, all users can add external links in Stories , since the end of 2021 the limitations for those who have less than 10,000 followers and do not have a verified profile on Instagram have disappeared.

Add Link to Instagram Story with the sticker

Everyone can add links directly after the release of the link sticker in Instagram Stories , a simple process and very similar to using the rest of the stickers. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. We enter our Instagram profile and create a Story , to try a simple photo, or record a video.
  2. At the top, and as you can see the image, the icon of a sticker with a smiley face should appear , which is what allows you to add a link (or URL address) in the Story.
  3. Next we choose the “Link” sticker (“Link” in English) and, holding down on it, we drag it to the Story:
  4. Now we will write the address of the web page , we can also paste it from the clipboard:
  5. A very good idea is to alert viewers to the link, and even encourage them to visit it . In a video we can do it out loud (the most effective), it is also possible to add additional texts or an animated GIF.
  6. In any case, the link sticker is quite visible , it shows the address (or URL) of the web page, and it is possible to change its position, size and color, as well as combine it with other elements of the Stories:
  7. Once we have finished the edition, it remains to publish it using the “Your story” or “Best friends” buttons as we would normally do.
  8. We can only add a single link in each publication , when the followers click on it they will see an “Access the link” box, if they touch on the box the page will open in the integrated Instagram browser:

We have also explained how to gain followers on Instagram, since the objective of adding links is to publicize certain content, and we will be interested in the widest possible audience.

Swipe up, what is it and how important is it on Instagram?

The term “swipe up” means “swipe up” , and refers to the old gesture to see the links in Instagram Stories before the arrival of the sticker.

It is now only used in Stories ads , and is usually translated by the app as “see more”, although there are other possible names. There was also a lot of “swipe up” used between users, in text or verbally in videos, something that now doesn’t make sense anymore.

In the past it was of great importance to insist on the “swipe up” so that the links were visited, otherwise they could go unnoticed in the Stories, which are normally displayed without paying too much attention.

It is what in marketing is called “call to action” or “call to action” , a clear and direct message for our audience to act as we wish, in this case that they visit the website that we have attached.

It was no use posting links if no one clicked on them later, that’s why Stories that started very aggressively , like: “Warning, swipe up on the link to find out everything!” , and similar variants.

With the sticker we have the link more visible, which represents an advantage, but it is also worth insisting that the user be aware and visit it. As we have mentioned, in Instagram GIFs there are many related animations, be it animated text, up arrows, cursors or the like , with designs for all tastes.

Use the “link in bio” trick

Instagram allows all users to add an external link in the bio (biography), the header of the profile where we indicate the information. It is quite common to see Stories with texts such as “Link in bio” or “Link in biography” that encourage viewers to enter.

One way to facilitate access is to mention our own account , so that when you click, the profile with the link will appear. We can reinforce it with arrows, GIFs, stickers or other elements that make the links more visible:

It is a very useful alternative to putting links in Stories, since it reduces the number of steps for the user, and that makes them more efficient.

We can also link the bio to Linktree , which opens a page where the user is redirected to different links, avoiding the limit of a single link in the bio.

Take advantage of IGTV to add external links

Another solution when 10,000 followers were required is based on Instagram’s IGTV , the online video service. Currently, it does not make much sense to use it, but we will explain the steps to follow in case we find it useful:

  1. First we will record a video of at least one minute , the content is free, although a good idea is to indicate to the viewer that the link is available in the Story.
  2. Now you have to upload this clip to IGTV in the normal way, we have already explained how to upload a video to IGTV for those who are not experts on the platform.
  3. The last step before publishing is key, because in the description we have to introduce the link for the Stories , and in the title a text of the style “Touch here” or “Press to enter” that guides the user.
  4. Now we must upload a Story to Instagram , although it is recommended to wait a few minutes for IGTV to process the new content. If so, we will have an icon to link :
  5. Next we will choose the IGTV video that we have created , if it does not appear we will have to wait a few more minutes:
  6. We will publish the Story, where there will be a “See more” button . When you slide up you can touch the text and the link will appear , allowing you to enter the web directly by selecting it:

Add a link with Instagram ads

It is not anyone’s preferred option, but sometimes the solution will be to pay for Instagram advertising , which allows us to add a link in the Stories, or a button to send us a message to the profile.

In addition, this guarantees us visibility (a minimum number of views) among the public that we choose for the ad. Focusing on photography, Instagram didn’t initially need to give access to external sites. As it became popular, Instagram kept the restrictions on links because it favors its advertising business.

If we want to promote a Story on Instagram (which we have to publish first), follow these steps:

  1. We need a professional account on Instagram as a creator or Business, we will go to the profile and click on “Promote” to start the process:
  2. We have to click on “Choose a publication” to select the Story to promote, where it will let us add the link we want.
  3. On the next screen we select “Stories” in the lower area, and we can see all the Stories of the account, in chronological order:
  4. The following screens allow us to choose the objective of the ad, in this case it will be “More visits to the website” , and also to which users it will be shown, which we can leave it in automatic if we do not have much experience with digital advertising:
  5. Within the “More visits to the website” option there is an “Edit” button , which not only allows us to add links to any page , but also allows the button to enter from the Stories to show different texts:
  6. Now it remains to indicate the budget of the campaign , including its duration, and confirm that everything is correct, adding a means of payment (card or PayPal ) if we do not have it associated with Instagram. We will be able to visualize how the Story will look like, then we have to click on “Create promotion” .

We already know how to add link to instagram story with various methods. After the arrival of the link sticker, it has become much easier, and external links are no longer a problem, but photos and videos published on the main timeline are still prohibited.

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