How to activate PlayStation Plus

How to activate PlayStation Plus: Online multiplayer has now become particularly important for the gaming world, so much so that there are gamers who aim only at that type of titles. However, a subscription like the PlayStation Plus actually serves much more, since it allows, for example, to constantly download new games and maybe even appreciate the goodness of cloud gaming, or the ability to start titles without even having to download.

In short, I understand why you are looking for information on how to activate the PlayStation Plus , as the content-level offer of Sony’s subscription is wider than ever. There are in fact several possibilities of choice, which I will deepen here so as to make you understand which solution is right for you. Also, of course, I’ll take you by the hand a bit in the subscription process.

Put simply, if you’re planning on getting started on PlayStation Plus, you’ve landed on the right post. In fact, below you can find all the quick indications of the case, which will lead you directly to your goal. I can assure you that everything can be done in a short time and that it is not too complex. For the rest, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and above all have fun!


  • PlayStation Plus pricing
  • How to activate PlayStation Plus for free
    • From console
    • From PC
    • From smartphones and tablets
  • How to activate PlayStation Plus on two accounts
  • How to deactivate PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus pricing

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to activate the PlayStation Plus , I think it is important to investigate the issue of prices and available plans .

In fact, June 22, 2022 is the representative date of a major underwriting change. In fact, Sony’s offer since that day is divided into 3 plans : PlayStation Plus Essential (8.99 euros for one month, 24.99 euros for 3 months and 59.99 euros for 12 months), PlayStation Plus Extra (13 , 99 euros for one month, 39.99 euros for 3 months and 99.99 euros for 12 months) and PlayStation Plus Premium (16.99 euros for one month, 49.99 euros for 3 months and 119.99 euros). To learn more about the free trial issue , I suggest you refer to my tutorial on how to get PlayStation Plus for free , even if in reality I will cover a bit of everything here too.

The Essential plan offers the basic benefits of the Plus subscription, from access to online multiplayer to exclusive discounts , including 2 PS4 games and PS5 game to download every month . Then there is the Extra plan , which in addition to the benefits already mentioned for the Essential subscription includes the so-called Games Catalog , or hundreds of downloadable titles for PS4 and PS5 .

The most expensive plan is the Premium one , which as indicated above adds limited-time trial versions of some titles, the possibility of playing in the cloud (who said PlayStation Now ?) And the so-called Catalog of classics , which expands the is offered with great classics of the PlayStation era. In any case, if you need more details regarding the various PlayStation Plus plans, you may want to take a look at the official PlayStation portal as well .

Net of this, clearly there are requirements to be able to activate and take advantage of one of the plans linked to the subscription of Sony. I am referring to the need to have a console connected to the internet (or perhaps a PC, in the case of cloud gaming), as well as to have a PlayStation Network account with a valid payment method set up. In this regard, if you have not already done so, you may want to deepen my tutorials on how to access PlayStation Network and how to pay on PlayStation Store (where you can also find more information on how to activate PlayStation Plus without a credit card.). Also, you may be interested in learning more about my guide on how to redeem a code for the PlayStation Plus , in case you have obtained that type of voucher and are wondering how to activate the PlayStation Plus with a code .

How to activate PlayStation Plus for free

Now that you are aware of the PS Now integration issue in Ps Plus , I would say that it is time to take action and see how to activate your PlayStation Plus subscription . Below you can find all the indications of the case in this regard.

Before proceeding, however, I remind you that in certain contexts, in the event that the free trial is not available , you may want to take a look at any fiber offers that include the subscription (for example, if you are wondering how to activate PlayStation Plus with Fastweb , it may be of interest to you to keep my in-depth analysis on Fastweb offers monitored ). I clearly can’t be more specific in that regard, as these subscriptions are constantly evolving. In any case, here we will deepen how to activate the subscription from consoles , PCs and smartphones and tablets .

From console

Given that, after having read the PlayStation Plus prices (forget the “old” PS Plus from 59.99 euros every 12 months, 24.99 euros every 3 months and 8.99 euros for 1 month, as now there are various plans mentioned above), you have decided to subscribe directly from your PlayStation console .

In this context, you will be happy to know that the procedure to follow is not that complex. In fact, you just need to start the PlayStation Store from the main console screen (using the appropriate shopping bag icon). After that, just move, through the side menu, to the PS Plus section . Here you can take a look at the plans currently available , thus choosing the subscription box of your interest (if you are wondering how to activate the free trial of PlayStation Plus or how to activate PlayStation Plus for 14 days, you should know that unfortunately this possibility is not always accessible depending on the promotional period, but in any case you will eventually find the appropriate option here).

After that, simply follow the instructions on the screen, possibly choosing the preferred payment method , in order to complete the transaction. In short, there is nothing complex in the subscription activation procedure, which may vary slightly depending on the promotional period but which generally does not take too long.

From PC

If you find it more convenient to activate the PS Plus from the browser and not from the PlayStation , this is the chapter of the guide for you. In fact, I am going to explain how to proceed from a PC .

In reality, even in this case, it is not a question of anything complex. In fact, you simply need to reach the official PlayStation Plus website , then click on the Add to cart button , related to the plan of your interest, possibly logging in with your PSN account and completing the transaction as requested by the portal, thus setting, if necessary, a valid payment method .

From smartphones and tablets

If you do not intend to proceed from a console or PC , but from a smartphone or tablet , I remind you that in this case you have the possibility to switch, in addition to the browser , to the so-called PlayStation App , or the official PlayStation application.

The latter can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (for Android devices, in the case of smartphones or tablets without Google services you may want to take a look at the alternative stores ), as well as from the Apple App Store (for iPhone and iPad). Once you have started the PlayStation App , just press the PS Store button first (the shopping bag icon at the bottom) and then on the Subscriptions item (which you can find at the top).

At this point, you just have to take a look at the proposals available for the PS Plus , then choose which subscription to activate, possibly setting the correct payment method . In short, it is possible to do everything even on the move: just follow the instructions that appear on the screen through the PlayStation App.

How to activate PlayStation Plus on two accounts

How do you say? Do you already have a PSN account with an active PlayStation Plus subscription and would you like to have the latter also available on a secondary account you created within the console? I’ll explain the situation immediately.

Well, in this case you can share some PlayStation Plus features with another user , namely online multiplayer , PS Plus monthly games downloaded and various titles purchased with PS Plus discounts . However, there are other features that you cannot access with the secondary account and you also need to have a properly configured console available .

To be clear, in the case of PS4 the latter must be enabled as the main one , while for what concerns the PS5 the console sharing and offline playback functionality must be active . In short, there is nothing too complex, but for more information I suggest you deepen my tutorial on how to switch the Plus from one account to another , as well as the always updated official PlayStation FAQ .

How to deactivate PlayStation Plus

If, after activating the PlayStation Plus , you have decided for some reason to deactivate the automatic renewal for the latter, you don’t have to worry: I’ll explain how to do it right away. To be clear, in this way the subscription will automatically terminate at the end of the promotional period (or at the end of the natural expiry, if you want to terminate a paid plan) and you will not be charged anything.

Again, you can act both from within the PlayStation console and through the browser or via the PlayStation App . Below I am going to show you both procedures.

  • From console: go to Settings> Account management> Account information> PlayStation subscriptions , select the plan you are interested in, select the Manage subscription option and press the Deactivate automatic renewal button , then confirming the operation with the Yes button .
  • From the browser: connected to the PlayStation website , access the portal (if necessary), press on the account icon , select the item Manage subscription , select the subscription of your interest and finally click on the Deactivate automatic renewal button and then on that Confirm .
  • From PlayStation App: just go to PS Store> Manage subscription and select the subscription involved, then pressing the Disable automatic renewal and Confirm buttons .

I recommend that you cancel the automatic renewal at least 24 hours before your subscription or free promotional period expires, otherwise you may be charged for the next renewal. For the rest, you may want to learn more through my specific tutorial on how to deactivate the PlayStation Plus , as well as via the official PlayStation FAQ .


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