Google launches multisearch that combines text and image in a query

Google has launched the Multisearch service , with which you can find various items using text and images at the same time. Let’s say that to find a certain item from the wardrobe, but in a different color, you just need to attach a photo and add the corresponding text to the request.

The visual search feature was announced back in September last year. According to Search Engines, it is based on MUM and Google Lens technologies. Moreover, it is the use of the first technology that provides multimodality, when the user has the opportunity to simultaneously enter both visual (photo) and text (request) information.

To start searching, you must first open the Google mobile app on Android or iOS. Then you need to tap the camera icon to take a picture or choose one of the pre-made images, photos or screenshots. Next, swipe up and click on the “+ Add to your search” button that appears, and then enter the text.

According to the company, multisearch shows the best results for shopping searches, but there are plans to introduce more options for its use in the future.

While the new feature is in beta, only available in the US for English language requests. Google has not yet specified the timing of its launch in other countries.

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