Updating the OS or installing a new version of Windows allows the computer to perform more complex tasks. But doing this sometimes leads to errors like 0x803f8001. Fortunately, this problem has nothing to do with the computer system. It only applies to the store. The user faces this problem when trying to download or update a game or application.


  • You did not subscribe to the game you downloaded in order to connect it to Xbox.
  • The game is not installed on the console.
  • Corrupt system files occurring when downloading third-party software that interferes with system files.
  • Redundant Windows Store cache.
  • Outdated windows store.
  • The Xbox Live service has stopped.
  • Outdated graphics card drivers.
  • An old version is open.
  • Virus / malware infection.


Troubleshooting for error 0x803f8001

  • Run your installed antivirus software to eliminate any virus infection.
  • Make sure Xbox Live is running.
  • Make sure the application is not on disk, but on the console.
  • Try playing the game you were trying to reproduce.

System file check

  • Press Windows Key + R to open Command Prompt.
  • Type “sfc / scannow”, press Enter.
  • The computer should automatically start the built-in file scan.

Power cycle

  • Hold the white button on your Xbox One for a few seconds to shut down.
  • Disconnect your PC from the network, wait at least 15 seconds.
  • Connect your PC to the network before turning on your Xbox

Hard reset

  • Open the menu.
  • Scroll down and select All Settings.
  • Select System -> Console Info & Updates.
  • Now click on “Reset Console”.
  • Click on “Reset and Remove All”
  • Restart your PC, wait for Xbox to sync before playing the game that you were trying to play before error 0x803f8001 appears.

Clear cache

  • Type the combination Win + R to open the command line.
  • Type “WSReset.exe” at the prompt before pressing Enter.

Windows for Command Prompt and Windows Store should open at the same time indicating clearing cache.

Windows update

  • Press the Win + S keyboard shortcut to open the search bar.
  • Enter “Settings” in the search bar.
  • Search for “Updates and Security” in the search results.
  • Select “Windows Updates”.
  • Click Check for Updates.

Removing or reinstalling

  • Type the key combination Win + S to open the search.
  • Enter the name of the application responsible for the error in the search bar.
  • Click “Delete”, wait for it to be deleted.
  • Open the windows store when it is completely removed.
  • In the search bar, write the name of the application, then select “Install”.

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