Call of Duty Modern Warfare season 6 preload has started on PS4. But, as it turned out, not everyone can install the update right away. Error SU-34914-1 interferes.

Actually, the problem is far from new and is eliminated relatively easily, although not quickly.

However, some users who desperately hoped to download the update as soon as possible have already managed to get upset. However, there is an opinion that it is better to start downloading really early, even with such an error, than to wait until the update completely “falls”.

All in all,..

What should I do if error SU-34914-1 prevents me from downloading the CoD Modern Warfare update?

To begin with, note that the code SU-34914-1 in this case indicates that the console considers the downloaded update files to be damaged.

Therefore, if you can’t install the update, you will have to download it again. As we said, in general, nothing complicated, but it will take time.

So, to start downloading files in a new way, we do the following:

  • first, completely delete the previously downloaded MW season 6 update files ;
  • further in the menu we again find and select  Modern warfare ;
  • press the Options button on the gamepad;
  • In the menu that opens, select ” Check for updates “.

If everything is OK with the connection and with the servers, then after re-downloading the update should download and install normally, i.e. without mistakes.

But if the second time was not lucky, the system again gives the error SU-34914-1 and the update is not installed (and this can also happen), then in this case, perhaps there is a problem not only with the update files. And it can be cured, most likely, only through a complete reinstallation of the game.

The measure is the most radical, albeit the most effective. And it takes a lot more time. So, it is better to resort to it only as a last resort.

When neither the second nor the third re-download of the update exactly worked. Well, either don’t rush at all, but just wait for the official release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 6 , which, we recall, is scheduled for tomorrow, September 29th.

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