Error 0xc000021a

Error 0xc000021a windows 7, 8, 10, better known to users as the “blue screen of death”, appears when the OS starts up after installing new drivers on the PC or updating already installed drivers. The decryption explains that the computer needs to be restarted due to the occurrence of an error. But after a reboot, nothing changes, and the system crashes. To restore the system, you need to solve the problem that has arisen.

Cause of the error

Error code 0xc000021a indicates file corruption of files such as:

  • winlogo.exe, as a result of which the launch of the Windows Logon Process is impossible or possible, but with a fatal bug for the system;
  • damage to the csrss.exe file, which is responsible for console applications;
  • the least common option is the lack of free space on the disk where the folder with Windows files is stored.

How to fix it

  • Disable the service responsible for verifying the driver signature.

This option is suitable for those who have problems with the drivers. When you start Windows, turn on safe mode with the function of disabling the “firewood” signature. You can do it like this: when the system starts loading, hold down “Shift”. No changes? It remains to use a USB flash drive with a loaded OS. Using the “Install” window, click “System Restore”. Then follow the route Diagnosis of problems – Extra. options – Boot options.

Click the highlighted restart button and wait for the restart, after which a window will appear:

In it, press the number 7 (by pressing the F7 key) and the system will automatically reboot in that mode.

  • SFC integrity.

If Windows libraries are damaged, you need to restore them. For this, the System File Checker, or SFC for short, is used. To run it, use the command line. It will not be a problem to run it normally, but what if there is no such option? A bootable USB drive comes to the rescue again. The sequence of actions is similar to the first paragraph of the article, with the exception of the last point – this time we click on the “Command line” item. In the dialog box, enter the sfc / scannow operation, start it by pressing Enter:

The program will scan the main libraries and files for problems. If these are found, corrections will follow. Next, see if the error remains when restarting the PC.

  • Scanning the hard drive.

HDD malfunctions can cause winlogo.exe and csrss.exe to malfunction. If the problem is not at the instrument level, the CHKDSK utility will help to get it working. It does not need to be downloaded additionally, since it is already preinstalled. It looks like this: chkdsk <drive letter> / F / R. The functions “F” and “R” will start checking the integrity of files and fixing existing bugs. This method mostly answers the question of how to fix the error 0xc000021a when loading windows 7,8,10, but if they did not work, there remains a radical option: reinstalling the OS. Remember that the problem is sometimes of a hardware nature, which implies a complete scan of your PC.

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