DuckDuckGo browser skips Microsoft ads

As reported by BleepingComputer , users of the popular private browser and search engine DuckDuckGo recently found out that it does not block Microsoft ads, but this is due to a business agreement between the companies. 

A note was found on the official DuckDuckGo support site stating that a deal has been struck between Microsoft and DDG. Due to search engine syndication, privacy browser developers do not have the right to completely block any ads from the tech giant.

It is noteworthy that this fact became known only after one of the developers of Victory Medium conducted an audit of the DuckDuckGo browser for iOS and Android. It was he who noticed that ads from LinkedIn and Bing are not blocked. This behavior, in turn, does not meet the assurances of the browser’s creators about its privacy and protection from surveillance.

Microsoft receives the user’s IP address, operating system version, browser version, and region from DDG.

The creators of the browser say that they are negotiating with Microsoft and want to reduce the corporation’s access to user data through DuckDuckGo.


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