Dreame T30 Review

Broom and dustpan are now a distant memory for many people. In fact, more and more people decide to rely on technology to keep their home always clean and tidy. In this context, the boom in products such as cordless vacuum cleaners , which allow you to clean any home, but also offices and commercial premises, in a simple, fast and effective way, relying on an increasingly advanced load of technology, should not be surprising .

I admit that I too can no longer do without products of this type and, in fact, as soon as I have the opportunity, I like to try new ones. So here I am to talk to you about Dreame T30 : a very powerful 9-in-1 wireless vacuum cleaner with 150,000 rpm and 550W with a suction power of 190AW and 27,000 Pa that Dreame , a partner company of Xiaomi specialized in the production of household appliances dedicated to house cleaning (I already told you about some of its products, like Bot L10 Pro and H11 Max Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner , remember?), it allowed me to try for a few days to make this review.

The device in question, like others of the same brand, stands out for an extremely convincing quality-price ratio, for a high autonomy (up to 90 minutes per charge) and for a series of technological functions that have made me appreciate it on several occasions. , first of all that for automatic power regulationaccording to the amount of dirt detected. If you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner that is powerful but at the same time not overly complex to use or expensive, you may have found a good option for your needs. But now I don’t want to anticipate you too much. Continue reading this article and discover all the features of Dreame T30 and my impressions of the product, which I hope will be useful for your evaluations in view of a possible purchase.


  • Sales package and accessories included
  • Performance and usage impressions
  • Final evaluations

Sales package and accessories included

Dreame T30

As usual in my reviews dedicated to household cleaning products (and not only), I want to start this post by telling you about the sales package and the accessories supplied with the product, which in this case are really many.

The total weight of the Dreame T30 package – elegant and minimal as usual at Dreame – is about 9 kg and is easy to carry thanks to the comfortable handle. It includes the vacuum cleaner and many accessories and brushes able to satisfy any cleaning need (both at home and in the car). The whole is made of high quality plastic material and with a sober look that can adapt to any decor.

To be precise, in addition to the body of the vacuum cleaner (which weighs 1.76 kg and includes both a 0.6l dirt tank, and a convenient display on which a lot of useful information is displayed), in the package we find the carbon fiber tube ( very light and elegant) that allows to put the body of Dreame T30 in “communication” with the various accessories available; the anti-tangle smart V-shaped multi-brush barto easily clean all types of floors – including tiles and carpets – avoiding tangles due to hair and animal hair and being able to count on an exclusive recognition function of the treated surface to adapt the type of cleaning to be done (it is the only accessory that allows you to take advantage of this possibility); the 2-in-1 brush nozzle , very convenient for cleaning the interior of cars; the soft brush for dusting ; the mini electric brush , ideal for fabrics, and the LED nozzle that allows you to clean in the cracks having a light that illuminates the surrounding environment well.

Dreame T30

To make the use of the vacuum cleaner comfortable on every occasion, there are also the lower flexible adapter , designed to improve maneuverability in the tightest spaces, and the elasticized hose , more flexible than the standard one in carbon fiber and therefore in able to extend the use scenarios of the Dreame T30.

The rich set of accessories is completed by the charger , the washable HEPA filter (which ensures the cleaning of the air emitted by the device), the manuals (in Italian) and the 2-in-1 wall charging and support support (with 2 screws , 2 anchors and adhesive of the mounting template). Alas, a support base and floor charging is missing.

Performance and usage impressions

Dreame T30

I will not dwell on the assembly procedure of Dreame T30, as it is very quick and super intuitive: in fact it is enough to fit the body of the vacuum cleaner into the various accessories and you can immediately move on to the cleaning works.

As already mentioned above, the body of Dreame T30 – thanks to the presence of a generous 2,900 mAh battery – weighs 1.76 kg : not really a feather, but I can assure you that the weight is distributed very well and that it is easy to use. even for prolonged periods.

In addition to the classic trigger used to operate the vacuum cleaner and the convenient 0.6l tank (which empties with a simple touch), on the body of Dreame T30 there are two buttons and a practical display : the first button allows you to choose the mode operational (hence the power) to be used for cleaning; the second allows you to activate continuous suction without having to keep the trigger pressed; the display , on the other hand, shows the operating mode being used, the level of dirt detected, the remaining operating time and communicates when the filter needs to be replaced.

Dreame T30

There are four operating modes to choose from: Auto (in which the suction power is automatically adjusted according to the dirt present on the treated surface; the level of dirt is checked every 0.5 seconds by means of a special sensor that works with any accessory ), Eco (to consume little energy and limit suction power), Medium (to balance consumption and suction power) and Turbo (for maximum suction power, at the expense of autonomy).

In my tests, the battery life in Eco mode was really 90 minutes as stated by the manufacturer : an excellent result, especially considering that the most famous and expensive cyclonic vacuum cleaners typically ensure 60 minutes of autonomy with the same operating mode.

In Media mode , however, the battery life seemed to me about half (another more than positive result, in my point of view). Turbo mode does not allow cleaning for more than 10-12 minutes , but this is more than acceptable since we are talking about a vacuum cleaner equipped with a very powerful motor , with 150,000 rpm, 550W and a suction power of 190AW and 27,000. Pa (when the most famous and expensive cyclonic vacuum cleaners often stop at 150AW).

Making a judgment on Auto mode is difficult as, as already mentioned, this adjusts the suction power automatically based on the amount of dirt detected (which is also shown on the display, by means of a colored circle). Overall I can say that I have easily achieved 30-35 minute cleaning sessions , as the transition between the various power levels is really effective and well balanced .

Dreame T30

Well: but how does this Dreame T30 clean? From the tests I did on a tiled floor and various carpets, very well. Dreame’s vacuum cleaner managed to suck up everything at the first stroke, including animal hair (I have a cat in the house; a long-haired cat to be precise, so you can imagine the problem represented by the “fluttering” hairs present around the house!). I mainly used the anti-tangle intelligent V multi-brush bar to also take advantage of the automatic detection function of the surface to be treated(exclusive of this accessory; not to be confused with the dirt level detection that instead works with all accessories) and I confirm that there have been no problems due to tangles of fur. There was only a slight “hitch” on a carpet with very high hairs, where almost all vacuum cleaners struggle, but a second pass was enough to clean that too thoroughly.

Not having a car, I was unable to properly test the 2-in-1 brush nozzle, while the other accessories seemed to me to fulfill their task perfectly: with the soft brush for dusting I “refurbished” the computer keyboard I’m typing from right now (for decency I won’t tell you how much dust came out!), while the mini electric brush allowed me to clean better than I ever did the sofa on which I love to enjoy TV series and sessions of gaming.

Also promoted the lower flexible adapter and the elasticized hose , although I admit that with the latter I found myself struggling a little more to move the vacuum cleaner with precision (but that’s probably my problem, since in the 90’s % of cases use more rigid tubes, such as the “classic” carbon fiber one also supplied with the Dreame T30).

Dreame T30

As for the noise , we are certainly below the average of vacuum cleaners of this type, even if obviously when you activate the Turbo Dreame T30 mode it makes its power felt also in terms of sound (nothing unbearable anyway).

At the end of the cleaning works, the Dreame T30 recharges in about 3 hours . Personally I have not mounted the charging base on the wall – I would have preferred a simpler floor base – but even here no insurmountable problems. Just insert the plug and place the body of the vacuum cleaner on any flat surface to charge it without the risk of it falling and being damaged. To underline the fact that the battery is removable , so it can also be replaced with some ease in case of need.

Final evaluations

Dreame T30

At this point I would say that I can “take stock” and give my final impressions on Dreame T30. Well, as you may have guessed from the rest of the review, I really struggled to find any flaws or problems in using this cordless vacuum cleaner. Apart from a few small “indecision” on a very high carpet, where even the most expensive vacuum cleaners have struggled, the product has always done its job very well.

Would I have been comfortable with a floor base, a few dB less noise at maximum power and a slightly lower weight? Sure, but it’s really “nit picking” in a complete, reliable device with a concentration of power and autonomy that is very difficult – if not impossible – to find in this price range.

If we consider that at the time of writing Dreame T30 is available on Amazon at 459 euros with a coupon of 60 euros which brings its final price to 399.99 euros , I can only recommend it.

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