Convert PDF to EPUB – 7 Ways

In this guide, we will guide you on how to convert PDF to EPUB to change the electronic document format. A PDF to EPUB converter is required to complete this task.

As you probably know, the ePub format is widely used for e-books. By default, this digital format is used on almost all eBook readers.

You can also read PDF files in an e-book reader, but this format cannot be changed. By converting a PDF file to EPUB format, you will get a much more flexible file that you can edit.

There are quite a few e-book readers that do not support the PDF format and therefore you have no other choice but to convert your files to the ePub format. As a result, you will get a file that is better suited for reading on mobile platforms, supported by a large number of readers from different manufacturers.

Two solutions to our problem are available in two ways that you can use:

  • Use to convert PDF to EPUB program on your computer.
  • Convert from PDF to EPUB online on an online service.

The main difference between these methods is that in the first case, all the necessary actions are performed on the local computer, and in the second, on a remote service, and therefore, in this case, access to the World Wide Web is required.

In this article, you will find instructions on how to convert PDF to EPUB using PC software, or convert PDF to EPUB online for free using a web application on a remote server on the Internet.

Keep in mind that after converting to another format, the original formatting may be violated in the text of the document. In this case, this is not the fault of the programs, but due to the properties of PDF files that are not ideal for converting to the EPUB format. Therefore, in some cases, post-processing may be necessary.

Convert PDF to EPUB in Caliber

Caliber is a free application designed to read, convert, store and create a library of e-books in various formats. Caliber has a built-in converter that allows you to convert e-books to other suitable formats.

Do the following:

  1. In the Caliber interface, click on the “Add books” button to select the desired document, or drag and drop a PDF file into the application window.
  2. Select a book, and then click on the “Convert Books” button.
  3. A window will open with numerous options, in the upper right corner of which you need to select “Output Format:” from the list – “EPUB”. The original import format is “PDF”.
  4. Then click “OK” in the lower right corner.
  5. After completing the task, you can click on the link to access the folder with the finished book, or click on the format name to open the document using the built-in e-book reader.

How to convert PDF to EPUB to Hamster Free Ebook Converter

Hamster Free Ebook Converter is a free program for converting e-books to other formats. In addition to converting digital information directly, the application has built-in presets optimized for certain types of devices.

Do the following:

  1. In the “Hamster Free BookConverter” window, click on the “Add Files” button.
  2. Click on the “Next” button to proceed to the next step.
  3. In the “Formats and Platforms” section, highlight the “ePUB” format.
  4. Click on the “Convert” button.

You can use the “Devices” section to select the appropriate device with presets and format selection.

Open the folder with the target file to start reading or move it to another device.

Convert PDF to EPUB in Soft4Boost Document Converter

Soft4Boost Document Converter is a free electronic document converter. The program supports converting e-books to other text formats and some image formats.

Do the following:

  1. In the Soft4Boost Document Converter window, click on the Add Files button.
  2. In the Output Format section, click the To EPUB button.
  3. Click on the “Start!” button.

After processing is completed, the electronic document is ready for further use.

Converting files in Weeny Free PDF to ePub Converter

Weeny Free PDF to ePub Converter is a free Windows program to convert PDF files to EPUB format.

The most attractive feature of this software is that it allows you to choose which pages you want to convert to ePUB. When downloading a PDF file, you can select the pages you want to convert to another format so that you don’t have to convert the entire eBook.

Do the following:

  1. Click the “Add PDFs” button in the Weeny Free PDF to ePub Converter window.
  2. In the “Select PDF file” window, select the file on your computer. The Convert Range section defaults to ALL Pages, but you can choose which pages to convert by setting the appropriate values ​​if you don’t need the entire document.
  3. Select the e-book in the program window.
  4. On the bottom panel, in the “Output Folder” option, specify a location to save the output file.
  5. Click the “Convert Now!” button to start the conversion process.

How to Convert PDF to EPUB Online with Convertio is an online converter for documents and other types of files. The site supports conversion between over 300 formats. The web application has a “PDF to EPUB converter” function to convert between these formats.

The service supports files with a maximum size of up to 100 MB.

Go through a few steps:

  1. Log in to the Convertio service webpage: .
  2. This page defaults to the correct conversion direction – PDF to EPUB.
  3. Using the “Select Files” button, upload a document to a resource, drag a file from a computer to a special area, add a file from Dropbox or Google Drive cloud storage.
  4. Start the conversion process after uploading the file to the service.
  5. Download the finished file to your computer.

On Convertio, the EPUB file is available to you within 24 hours after processing is completed, after which it will be deleted.

How to convert PDF to EPUB for free online at Online-convert is an online service with a large set of different converters for working with different types of files. With this resource, you can convert PDF to ePub format.

You need to do the following:

  1. Open the service page at the link: .
  2. Select a file on your PC, use the drag and drop mechanism to a special form, enter a URL link, add data from Dropbox and Google Drive cloud storages.
  3. Click on the “Start” button.
  4. After the conversion is completed, download the finished file to your device as a regular file or as a ZIP archive, upload it to Dropbox and Google Drive cloud storage, or get a QR code to share it with other users.

Convert PDF to EPUB online at AnyConv

ApyConv is a free online converter for text, multimedia and image formats. This service supports the conversion of more than 400 formats.

Go through the steps:

  1. Visit the AnyConv website webpage: .
  2. Select files from your computer or drag them to the upload area.
  3. The file is added and the output format is set to EPUB, click on the “Convert” button.
  4. After the conversion process is completed, click on the “Download .EPUB” button.

The processed file will be automatically deleted from the AnyConv service after 1 hour.

Article Conclusions

Users interact on the computer with different types of text formats. In some cases, it is necessary to convert a PDF file to EPUB format, for example, in order to use this e-book on your reader. You can solve the problem with the help of electronic document converter programs installed on your computer, or you can use a web application on a service on the Internet.

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