Compact gaming PC: Discover SSF Intel

The technological evolution in the world of gaming has almost no limit. One of the proofs is the compact gaming PCStill called a mini PC, it offers many advantages, one of which is its size, which makes it easy to carry. It can occupy the most unthinkable spaces for a party of entertainment between friends and even office colleagues. Meet the Intel SSF Mini PC.

Why do we say that this PC is compact?

To say of a PC that it is compact is to say that it comes in a small format. A priori, there are no defined size criteria for placing this or that device in the category of small formats . Nevertheless, there are recommendations about the dimensions of the case.

When talking about the interior layout as well as the dimensions of personal computer cases, volume is seen as an important element. Moreover, it is gauged in liters.

For example, a standard format ATX desktop tower usually has a volume of between 40 and 45 liters. Comparing to this desktop tower, the standard format of Intel compact PC , we see that it is half of its volume. In other words, the volume of the Intel mini PC is about 25 Liters.

Components of an Intel Small Form Factor PC

The main element of the compact PC is undoubtedly the case . Indeed, it is on him that the volume of space available for assembly depends. However, beyond the case, there are other elements of this mini PC that make it a great gaming computer.

The motherboard

The choice of the motherboard depends a lot on that of the case. Therefore, as soon as the case is known, it is not difficult to choose this essential component for any computer.

There are several motherboard models for the Intel compact gaming PC. Each model corresponds to a case size. It is recommended to opt for a small motherboard. A Mini-ITX will do just fine. For more flexibility, microATX is also recommended. The chosen motherboard should have a configuration that suits the needs of the user.

The graphics processor

There are several sizes of GPUs . They adapt to different Intel mini PC assemblies. Similarly, there are a variety of graphics processor formats including:

  • single-slot GPUs;
  • Low Profile GPUs;
  • half-length GPUs, etc.

These are small form factor GPU components. There are, however, large form factors that more and more compact gaming PC cases are adapting to .

The processor

This component is very little affected by the choice of compact gaming PC. The most important thing is that it is perfectly compatible with the motherboard. It is on this condition that the processor will not pose a problem.

Intel presents in its documentation, several criteria for choosing the processor for a compact gaming PC and even for any PC.

CPU cooler

There are at least two types of cooling. One uses air and the other coolant.

Regardless of the type of cooling chosen, there are also cooling choices for small form factor hardware such as Intel’s mini gaming PC. It’s about :

  • compact coolers with fans;
  • complete liquid coolers;
  • custom cooling loops.

Each chiller corresponds to a level of management difficulty. The most recommended because it is very easy to use is the first on the list.

RAM and storage memory

The choice of RAM largely depends on that of the motherboard, but also on the volume of the case. The standard RAM memory formats adapt to most motherboards, in particular Mini-ITX.

As for the storage memory, its choice also depends on the model of motherboard chosen. It can be an SSD or a hard drive. Some motherboards have SATA ports for the storage drive.

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