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Do you need to create a website for your company but don’t have the necessary skills to do it yourself? Would you like to improve the online presence of your business but, given that the world of the Web and social networks is constantly evolving, you don’t know what are the right social media marketing strategies to apply? In this case, you certainly need to rely on a Web agency, that is a company that deals, independently, to implement all the strategies necessary to optimize your online visibility.

With this guide of mine, I, therefore, want to point out to you what I believe are some of the best Web agencies to which you can contact, plus some information relating to the services offered by these companies and the criteria to be taken into consideration to evaluate their operated.

So if you are eager to learn more, take a few minutes of free time and read on. You will see that thanks to this tutorial of mine, you will be able to quickly identify the Web agency that best suits your needs. At this point, I just have to wish you a good read and wish you big good luck for your business!


  • Preliminary information
  • Best Italian web agencies
    • I study Samo
    • SEO Cube
    • Web hero
  • Other Web Agencies to consider

Preliminary information

Before talking to you in detail about the best Web agencies of the moment, I must provide you with some preliminary information in this regard.

First of all, let’s try to understand what a Web agency is and what it does. Well, a Web agency is a company that deals with the management and development of various Web-related activities on behalf of another company, offering services such as the creation of websites or apps for smartphones and tablets.

As easily understood, it is impossible to determine which is the best Web agency ever: each company of this type, in fact, offers different services and, therefore, the choice to turn to one rather than another depends on one’s needs.

However, there are objective criteria that allow you to evaluate the work of a Web agency and better orient yourself in your choice. One of these is certainly the one related to the years of experience: by evaluating the case studies of the agency and analyzing their customers it is possible to get an idea of ​​what are the past projects on which the company has worked, in order to see the achieved results.

Another factor to take into consideration are the people who are part of the team: the presence of one or more well-known experts in the sector, in fact, could tip the scales and help you in your choice.

For the rest, it is always worth looking for independent reviews and opinions on the Web and be wary of companies that offer services that are far too cheap for the market average. Having said that, let me give you some useful ideas and suggest some Web agencies that are certainly reliable and with excellent results behind them.

Best Italian web agencies

If you are looking for an Italian web agency, I am sure you will find the names I am about to recommend below useful: they are, in fact, quite famous Italian companies in the sector and whose results speak for themselves.

I study Samo

One of the best Italian Web agencies is certainly Studio Samo, a Bologna-based company that aims to be the reference point for all those involved in digital marketing in Italy.

Studio Samo, in fact, has been dealing with Digital Marketing for more than 15 years, through the provision of services such as those dedicated to SEO: one of the most important digital marketing strategies, which is used for the optimization of websites for search engines. Research. Prices for this activity start at € 500 / month.

Among the other services offered, there are those that address the social media marketing field: the company, in fact, helps to manage its presence on the main social networks, in order to increase the awareness of a brand and improve the relationship with customers. The budget required for social activity is at least € 1,000 / month.

Other services that may be requested are those relating to the optimization of online advertising, with a view to managing Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns. This activity is aimed at those who need help in the management of their advertising campaigns, due to the complexity of the activities required for data analysis and optimization. Those who need personalized services can request information for a tailor-made Digital Marketing project.

Furthermore, Studio Samo deals with the training of companies and individuals, providing various paid training courses in SEO and Digital Marketing that can be carried out in the classroom or online. Not least, through the Blog section, articles are made in the areas of interest of the company which represent an excellent source of updating for Digital Marketing experts.

SEO Cube

Among the best Web agencies in Naples there is certainly SEO Cube: a Web agency specialized in SEO, famous for having created the SEOZoom software, a suite for SEO and Web marketing.

SEO Cube is a Web agency that specializes in SEO, offering content marketing services such as SEO copywriting (i.e. writing from an SEO perspective, in order to satisfy user requests and obtain a good ranking on Google and other engines research) and keyword research, aimed at identifying keywords for the creation of SEO content (a fundamental strategy for the production of content that responds to the real needs of users on the Web).

Among the other services offered, there is also the creation of a real editorial plan for your website (ie an activity that allows you to plan the production of textual and/or multimedia content).

SEO Cube also offers businesses to build websites, such as the creation of e-commerce sites and sites with CMS WordPress, the most popular website creation platform in the world. Finally, among the other services offered there are link building activities, which are used to improve the ranking on Google and the organic positioning of the Web pages and SEO training activities that can be carried out in person or remotely.

Those interested in the services offered by SEO Cube must contact the work team by requesting a quote by filling out the appropriate form, entering their contact details and the type of activity you want to be carried out.

Web hero

As for the best web agencies in Rome, my advice is to contact Web hero : an SEO agency that deals with implementing digital strategies at 360 degrees.

Among the activities carried out by Web hero for companies, in fact, there are those of optimization for positioning on search engines through market analysis and that of competitors, activities that represent the starting point for a successful Web marketing strategy.

In addition, services relating to advertising are provided, i.e. regarding the optimization of advertising campaigns on the main social networks to bring more traffic to its customers (for example through the use of Google AdsFacebook and Instagram Ads ).

Furthermore, as a Web marketing agency, Web hero deals with helping its customers to develop a personalized marketing plan that includes the use of SEO strategies, social networks and advertising, in order to achieve a pre-established goal, such as to improve your Web reputation.

Advice is also provided relating to branding, i.e. the implementation of strategies that improve a brand to give it a greater perception of interest in the eyes of customers or consumers.

Finally, it is possible to contact the Web agency in question also for the creation of an e-commerce site or for SEO consulting activities.

For information on the prices of the activities carried out, it is necessary to contact the company using the appropriate form, in which you must indicate your personal data for the purpose of recontacting and the activity you want to estimate.

Other Web Agencies to consider

Do you need to contact a Web agency to improve your online presence, but you don’t know which company to trust? Would you like more advice on what are the best Digital Marketing agencies in Italy? If so, take a look at the other companies I tell you about in detail below.

  • Search On Media Group: is a rather famous Digital Marketing agency among SEO and digital marketing experts since it includes many truly influential figures in the sector such as Giorgio Taverniti and Andrea Pernici. The company deals with web marketing at 360 degrees, offering companies services such as SEO optimization strategies and the development and creation of websites, as well as the management of social networks. The company’s flagship is also its consultancy activity with the creation of training events such as the Web Marketing Festival.
  • Fattoretto: this is another famous SEO agency that deals with Web marketing with digital PR and Web analytics activities. This company is known for being the brand ambassador of Semrush, a famous suite dedicated to SEO and Digital Marketing professionals. The agency also offers training activities, especially for those who wish to carry out an SEO activity for an e-commerce site.
  • Studio Cappello: this Digital Marketing company offers a wide range of services such as the design of a marketing project, the management of advertising campaigns and the creation of content from an SEO perspective. Consultancy and data analysis services are also provided, which are also designed for hotels and accommodation facilities. Finally, there is no shortage of training services, through the WMR Academy project, aimed at companies but also at Web marketing professionals.


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