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If you are not a League of Legends fan , but the characters featured in the game have always fascinated you, perhaps TFT (Teamfight Tactics) is for you. Clearly, as in any game, even in this LoL spin-off to be good it is important to know each strategy in detail and to know which are the strongest playable characters, and that’s exactly why I’m here today!

In fact, in this guide I will tell you about which are the best TFT comps currently in the meta (the strongest ones, so to speak) and how to make the most of them. It’s really simple, but with some forethought you will be able to become a champion of this very nice game!

I would say that the time has come to start talking about compositions: with the help of this tutorial you will find all the information you need to be able to improve your winning streak in TFT. What are you waiting for? Get busy immediately!


  • Preliminary information
    • Elderwood Mages
    • 6 Elderwood
    • Spirit Slayers
    • Spirit Slow Roll
    • Warlord and Slayers

Preliminary information

TFT , the second most important title of Riot Games, has taken hold thanks to the famous game League of Legends , to which the characters, or rather, the champions present within it refer. It is in fact possible to choose between the various champions present in a random pool of characters, to combine them and enhance your composition, with the aim of eliminating every opponent and remaining the only survivor.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, know that you can get it by downloading the official Riot launcher for PC (I’ve also written a guide on this, which you can consult in case you have any difficulties); alternatively, the mobile versions are also available for Android (also available on alternative stores for devices without Play Store) and iOS / iPadOS . Please note that to play you need to create an account, which will be the same no matter which platform you play on.

The game is not particularly heavy, so even a slightly older computer should be able to “handle” it without major problems, but if you are not sure if it is right for you, try taking a look at my guide on how to verify the computer performance .

Best TFT comp

Having made all the necessary clarifications, I would say that we can move on to the gist of this article: in the following chapters I will explain which are the strongest TFT comps and how to simulate them. Good fun!

Elderwood Mages

This comp uses the Elderwood , Mages and Blacksmith traits . Very effective indeed, as the magic attack bonuses and boosts provided by Ornn every 5 turns will allow you to literally melt the opposing team. The main carries (essentially the ones that will allow you to win) are Aurelion Sol , Xayah and Rakan , so try to prioritize them when it comes to items, especially the first mentioned champion.

The characters to use are: Brand , Annie , Veigar , Lulu , Aurelion Sol , Rakan , Xayah and Ornn . For this comp, the items (objects) that I recommend you to use are the Jeweled Gauntlet , the Hextech Gunblade and the Infinity Edge , to be assigned to Aurelion Sol, who must be placed in one of the two lower corners of the map, surrounded by all the other characters, with Brand in the opposite corner and Annie at the forefront along with Ornn.

6 Elderwood

Also in this case Elderwood is used as the main trait with the couple composed of Xayah and Rakan as carry: thanks to the damage of the first and the resistance of the second, they will allow you to annihilate the enemy team. Again, the use of Aurelion Sol is planned , but will play the role of secondary carry, providing a high amount of damage.

The champions chosen for this comp are: Lulu , Veigar , Nunu , Aatrox , Ornn , Rakan , Xayah and Aurelion Sol , with items to be assigned to Xayah and Aurelion Sol, dedicating each defensive item to Rakan. Those recommended to the two characters I mentioned are, respectively, the Hand of Justice , the Deathblade , the Guardian Angel and the Jeweled Gauntlet , the Hextech Gunblade and the Infinity Edge .

This is done by placing Ornn and Aatrox on the front line, creating a defensive front for Xayah and Aurelion Sol, who will be positioned in a corner of the map and surrounded by the rest of the comp.

Spirit Slayers

To change the genre a bit, let’s move to a comp dedicated to assassins, with Zed as the main carry accompanied by Kindred , using the Slayer and Mystic traits as the main ones, which will allow Zed with an attack speed build to completely decimate the backline. opponent (i.e. the area where the carries are placed).

The characters to use, in this case are: Zed , Kindred , Azir , Yuumi , Diana , Janna , Pyke and Teemo , focusing on the use of the right items, which in this case are the Runaan , the Rapid Firecannon and the Guardian angel on Zed and the double Zeke for Kindred. You can also choose to use the Quicksilver instead of the Guardian Angel. In case you can’t find Zed, try to occupy his position with another Slayer as soon as possible.

For this comp you will need to create a line as far back as possible, placing Zed in one corner with Kindred and Pyke next to it on the opposite side of the map.

Spirit Slow Roll

This comp, with the main traits Spirit and Assassin , uses Diana and Nasus to reach their power spike (i.e. the moment they are strongest) in the first few minutes of the game, in order to win the first rounds and have enough money to power up characters like Talon and Samira.

For this comp you will use Diana , Morgana , Samira , Talon , Janna , Yuumi , Nasus and Teemo , trying to focus during the early game (i.e. in the initial phase of the game) all the items available to Diana. The items I recommend are the Infinity Edge , the Titan’s Resolve and the Quicksilver .

Watch out for positioning: you will have to place Nasus and Morgana in the frontline (if possible try to get a Guardian Angel for her), with the rest of the comp placed in the outermost line of the grid, paying attention to have Diana in one of the two corners of the map .

Warlord and Slayers

Another very interesting comp is the one that uses Tryndamere and Katarina as main carries , taking advantage in the early game phase of the bonuses provided by the Warlord traits – therefore, try to have 6 before arriving in mid game – and then modify them with the champions. stronger, which I will name you in a few moments.

The champions you will use in this comp are Katarina , Tryndamere , Azir , Lee Sin , Samira , Aatrox , Sivir and Pyke , focusing items on Tryndamere and Katarina. For him you can opt for an Infinity Edge , a Guardian Angel and the Last Whisper , while for her, the Hextech Gunblade and Quicksilver will be fine .

To make this comp effective, try to amass all the champions in the center of the map forming a sort of pyramid that culminates with Aatrox and Tryndamere positioned towards the enemy team, holding Pyke to one side of the rear.

Other interesting TFT comps

The ones I have just pointed out are some of the best comps for TFT, but they are not the only ones that are recommended.

If you want to know more, you can consult Mobalytics , a famous site defined as a “gaming assistant” that allows you to improve your performance in games like LoL and TFT thanks to a series of very useful data, statistics and rankings. It is constantly updated with the latest updates regarding TFT, so I recommend that you always keep it in your bookmarks!


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