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Clash Royale is one of the most popular mobile titles ever and even you couldn’t resist its charm. On the other hand, the strategy of Supercell is a lot of fun and has a progression system that can take you directly to the Olympus of the strongest players in the world, which starts from the much-coveted legendary Arena. Well, you are almost there now: from Arena 12 it is a moment to get to the legendary one but the other players are clearly more aggressive than ever. For this reason, you need some advice on which decks to use. That’s the way it is, right? Well then I’d say you’ve come to just the right place!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will explain in detail which are the best decks for Arena 12 . In case you were wondering, I’m going to analyze various solutions that might be right for you, keeping in mind that each player has a different style of play. I will also not fail to address the theme of Arena 13, or the Legendary one. In this way, you will have a complete picture on the subject and you can calmly face what is considered one of the most difficult parts of Clash Royale.

What do you say? Are you ready for the “final sprint” that will lead you directly to the Legendary Arena? In my opinion, the time has come, as you are very close and giving up now would not make any sense. I can assure you that, by following the instructions you will find in this tutorial, you will have a better chance of passing Arena 12 and finally reaching the legendary players. In short, it’s time to leave for this adventure: there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good luck in your games!


  • Preliminary information
  • Best Clash Royale Arena 12 decks
  • Best Clash Royale Arena 13 decks

Preliminary information

Before explaining in detail which are the best decks for Arena 12 , I think it might interest you to know more about the latter.

Well, you should know that Clash Royale allows the player to advance by obtaining trophies . The latter are given as a reward when a match is won , but they can also be lost following a defeat .

The more trophies you get, the higher you go on the Trophy Trail , a screen that marks the player’s progress. In particular, the Clash Royale adventure is divided into Arenas , battlefields with unique settings. The latter make players who have a profile with a certain range of trophies collide with each other . For example, with regard to Arena 12 , which we will talk about today, we refer to users who have a number of trophies ranging from 3600 to 4000 .

L ‘ Arena 12 , also called frightening Arena , is considered one of the most difficult game. We are in fact talking about the penultimate real Clash Royale Arena: the one that precedes the dreaded Arena 13 , or the legendary Arena (which is unlocked by exceeding 4000 trophies and “contains” some of the most skilled players in the world). Following the Legendary Arena, there will be a chance to move forward and reach the status of Ultimate Champion , but there are many who consider Arena 13 as the last in the game.

In short, in Arena 12 there are obviously many particularly strong users , all motivated to want to enter the Legendary Arena, in order to place themselves among the best players in the world . For this reason, it is important, even more than in the previous phases, to study the available cards well and build a deck capable of defeating the opponents.

Best Clash Royale Arena 12 decks

Arena 12 isn’t exactly a hospitable place. We are talking about players who fall in a range that goes from 3600 to 4000 trophies. This means that, like you, they have been playing Clash Royale for quite some time and probably know the mechanics of the game by heart. For this reason, they have probably already made inquiries or are inquiring about which deck is the best for Arena 12 .

So forget about trying to surprise other users with some powerful card , as they probably already know it and know how to counter it optimally . In short, the time has come to get serious and to use the strategy factor properly , exploiting intelligence and not brute force.

For this reason, one of the decks that I recommend you use in Arena 12 is the one made up of these 8 cards (the central information indicates from which Arena the card can be obtained): Horde of skeletons (Epic, Proving ground , 3 Elixirs), Hot Air Balloon (Epic, Arena 6, 5 Elixirs), Baby Dragon (Epic, Trial Field, 4 Elixirs), Sorcerer (Rare, Arena 5, 5 Elixirs), Minion Horde (Common, Arena 4, 5 elixir), Grand Knight (Legendary, Arena 7, 7 elixir), Goblin Barrel (Epic, Arena 1, 3 elixir) and Arrows (Common, Proving Ground, 3 elixir).

At first glance, it might seem like a fairly mundane deck, as it doesn’t contain particularly powerful cards. However, as I told you earlier, it is important to use cunning here . This deck can work because it has it all: aerial cards (Baby Dragon, Hot Air Balloon), defensive and support characters (Skeleton Horde, Minion Horde), fast attack cards (Goblin Barrel, Arrows), and a “Breaker” (Great Knight).

Plus, as you’ve probably already noticed, you don’t go too high on elixirs , so you can put in high-speed counter moves , which could catch your opponent off guard. In my view, the important thing in this Arena is to immediately “silence” the offensive actions , destroying the opponent’s cards that cost a lot of elixirs with others that cost few (eg. Horde of skeletons, which requires only 3 elixir).

If your approach is a little more “defensive” (a smart choice in more advanced Arenas), I can recommend this deck instead: Knight (Common, Proving Ground, 3 Elixirs), Princess (Legendary, Arena 7, 3 Elixirs) , Goblin Gang (Common, Arena 9, 3 Elixir), Ice Spirit (Common, Arena 8, 1 Elixir), Rocket (Rare, Arena 6, 6 Elixir), Inferno Tower (Rare, Arena 4, 5 Elixir), The Trunk (Legendary, Arena 6, 2 elixir) and Barile goblin (Epic, Arena 1, 3 elixir, before an upgrade it was 4 elixir).

This deck is essentially “self-explanatory”. In fact, the first thing you notice is the presence of cards that require few elixirs (Ice Spirit, Goblin Barrel, The Trunk, Princess, Knight, Goblin Gang). In short, everything is based on the speed of play . You defend yourself and then aim at the enemy towers especially with the Rocket , which I remind you of being able to do a lot of damage to a small area. In short, you play on the defensive , trying to win for the greatest number of destroyed towers (remember that even just one is enough, leaving the opponent “dry”). It is considered by many to be the best Clash Royale deck for Arena 12 .

Finally, the third deck that I feel I can recommend focuses a little more on attack , without obviously exaggerating. It is made up of these cards: Skeleton Horde (Epic, Proof Field, 3 Elixirs), Valkyrie (Rare, Arena 2, 4 Elixirs), Giant Skeleton (Epic, Arena 2, 6 Elixirs), Baby Dragon (Epic, Field Trial, 4 Elixirs), Prince (Epic, Trial Camp, 5 Elixirs), Barrel of Goblins (Epic, Arena 1, 3 Elixirs), Download (Common, Arena 4, 2 Elixirs) and Bats (Common, Arena 5, 2 elixir).

Here are several cards that target the offensive phases and cost a bit of elixir, from the Prince (5 elixir) to the Giant Skeleton (6 elixir), through Valkyrie (4 elixir) and Baby Dragon (4 elixir). In short, it is possible to manage it well with a little strategy, defending yourself with quick cards such as Download and Bats (2 elixirs) and attacking, when the towers have little life, with Barile of goblins (3 elixirs). To defend yourself in an emergency , you can instead use Horde of skeletons (3 elixirs).

In short, the three decks that I have described to you use different approaches to try to achieve the same result: overcome Arena 12 and finally arrive at Arena 13.

Best Clash Royale Arena 13 decks

Speaking of the Legendary Arena , since you are almost at this point, it is also good to go and see some decks that could be useful in this context, so that you are already prepared for what lies ahead.

Well, here the choice becomes even more difficult than before, as we are talking about an Arena where the best players from all over the world are present . However, we can still analyze two decks that might interest you.

The first is made up of these cards: Mega Minion (Rare, Arena 4, 3 Elixir), Baby Dragon (Epic, Proof, 4 Elixir), Electric Wizard (Legendary, Arena 11, 4 Elixir), Poison (Epic, Arena 5, 4 Elixir), Barbarian Hut (Rare, Arena 3, 7 Elixir), Barbarian Barrel (Epic, Arena 3, 2 Elixir), Graveyard (Legendary, Arena 12, 5 Elixir) and Knight (Common, Proving Ground, 3 elixirs).

In this case, a rather advanced card is used, namely Graveyard , which is obtained during Arena 12 . The latter is nothing more than a spell capable of giving the opponent a nice surprise . It can be used anywhere on the map , so it can be your “wild card” to perform particularly effective actions.

For the rest, there are some “quick” cards (Knight, Mega Minion, Baby Dragon, Electric Wizard and Barbarian Barrel) and the Barbarian Hut , which automatically spawns barbarians at regular intervals. These are useful in defense , but can actually guarantee you excellent satisfaction in attack as well . In short, it is a balanced deck that could help you even against the strongest opponents.

One aspect often overlooked by players, even in the Legendary Arena, are spells . In fact, there are many who consider these cards “boring”, since they require a certain strategy to be used properly. Right here creeps in the second deck that I would recommend for Arena 13.

The deck consists of these 8 cards: Download (Common, Arena 4, 2 elixir), Poison (Epic, Arena 5, 4 elixir), Outlaw (Legendary, Arena 9, 3 elixir), Royal Ghost (Legendary, Arena 12, 3 Elixir), Battle Ram (Rare, Arena 3, 4 Elixir), Electric Sorcerer (Legendary, Arena 11, 4 Elixir), Minions (Common, Test Ground , 3 Elixirs), and PEKKA (Epic, Arena 4, 7 Elixir) ).

Well, as you have probably already guessed, here the technique used is to exploit the spells (Discharge, Poison) to eliminate the enemy troops as quickly as possible, counterattacking with “breakthrough” cards (Battle Ram, PEKKA, Electric Sorcerer ). There is no shortage of cards able to surprise the opponent (Outlaw, Royal Ghost) and in case of “air problems” there are Minions . In short, even this solution is particularly balanced and could put the players of the legendary Arena in serious difficulty.

I want to clarify that Clash Royale is a constantly evolving game , so the developers could decide at any moment to make changes to the cards and the game. For this reason, I invite you to take the information in this post as purely indicative.

Perfect, now you have all the necessary information to be able to compete properly in Arenas 12 and 13 of Clash Royale . Since you are interested in the Supercell title, I would also advise you to take a look at my tutorials on the best decks of Clash Royale , where you can find general indications also for the other Arenas, and on how to always win on Clash Royale , where I have provided you with strategic information that may come in handy.


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