Apex Legends Engine error 0x887a0006

There are no delays or other problems with the computer game Apex Legends, the Engine 0x887A0006 – DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error appears randomly (i.e. it is impossible to say exactly when it will occur). When this fails, the video game simply closes and crashes. Translated, it sounds like this: “Application device error due to malformed commands sent by the application. This is a design-time problem that needs to be investigated and fixed. ” First of all, advanced gamers report that this error means that the video card is not working correctly. This can be due to many different reasons, for example: outdated or inappropriate video card drivers, overheating of the device, power failure, loading of video card resources by certain programs, etc.

Since there are no official statements on this matter, a possible way to fix this error is to try anything that has helped others. There are several ways to solve the 0x887A0006 – DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG problem in Apex Legends. There is no universal method, so if you encounter this error, try different solutions to resolve it. Here we have collected some solutions and ideas that have been adapted from various technical forums. You can try these methods and check. Since the hardware and software configurations are different for different people, the solutions can also be different.

Reinstalling Drivers

Check if your hardware driver is up to date. Then download and install new ones.

  • If you have an Nvidia product video card, then in order to fix error 0x887A0006, download only “driver 417.35”: https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/141214

  • If the video card is different (AMD, Matrox, Intel, etc.) this resource will be useful for you: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/pc/pc-graphics-troubleshooting/

    … Here is a list of links to the official catalogs of drivers, different manufacturers of video cards.

Before updating the drivers, be sure to completely close the game so that it is not even in the tray. After the update procedure, restart your computer and start the game. If this method does not help, follow the other instructions.

Enable “V-Sync”

When the Apex Legends Engine Error 0x887A0006 – DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG occurred, enabling Vsins helped a lot. Vertical sync is a special warning mechanism in computer video games of picture tearing. This parameter synchronizes (links) the refresh rates of the picture directly in the game with the frequencies of the monitor. If you have disabled this option, then it must be enabled.

  • Sync for NVIDIA. Right click on the desktop and select “Nvidia Control Panel”. In the sidebar under “3D Settings”, click on the “+” and select “Manage 3D Settings”. The settings are displayed on the right side. Click On.
  • Synchronization for AMD . Here the path to the option is the same (right-click desktop, click AMD Catalyst Control Center). On the left, open the Games tab, select 3D Application Settings. On the right side, a list of available options will be displayed, which, if necessary, can be enabled in forced mode. In the “System parameters” section, you must select a value – for all.
  • Synchronization for Intel HD Graphics . Here the mechanism for enabling vertical synchronization differs from the previous two. Click on the desktop with RMB or through the combination Ctrl + Alt + F12. Go to the Intel panel in Settings Mode / Control Panel / 3D Graphics and then Custom Settings. In the field “Synch. vertical ”select the values ​​as in the picture.

Reboot your PC and launch the game.

Visual c ++

Uninstall all versions of Visual C ++ from your computer (uninstallation without IO bits is recommended, but not required).

  • Then restart your computer and go to this path: C: Program Files (x86) Origin.
  • Install the versions that are on this map: vcredist_x64, vcredist_x64_vs2010, vcredist_x64_vs2015, vcredist_x86, vcredist_x86_vs2010, vcredist_x86_vs2015.
  • Restart your PC again.

Launch the game from Origin and make sure it is in FULLSCREEN mode.

Game repair

This is another solution that has worked for thousands of players. You just need to fix the game and check if the problem persists. Your actions:

  • Open the Origin Tool installed on your PC.
  • There are a number of menu items on the left side. Click “My Game Library”.
  • Right-click on the Apex Legends game icon and select the “Restore” option.
  • A status will open showing that the game is being restored.
  • Now close the source and restart the game.

Another effective option is through recovery, which helps to solve the problem in just a couple of minutes.

  • On the desktop, right-click and in the New field select Text Document.
  • As it appears on the table, go into it.
  • Paste in the following:
  • Then the file, save as, file type and set – “All files”.
  • Then in the “File name” enter: file fix.reg.
  • After saving, a file will appear on the desktop, which you need to open by double-clicking. A window will appear – click “Yes”, and the next “OK”.
  • After the performed manipulations, restart Origin and restore the files.

Launch and enjoy the game!

Other options to fix error 0x887A0006 in Apex Legends Engine

The following methods helped some users.

  • Perform a clean boot before playing.
  • Make sure your PSU meets the requirements of your hardware when it is under heavy gaming load
  • Set all game graphics settings to a low value, this will reduce the load on the GPU.
  • Set high performance presets in the GPU control panel as opposed to high quality presets.
  • Run the video card at the nominal speeds (memory / core). This is also important for gamers who have a factory overclocked graphics card. This will require third-party software such as: EVGA Precision ( https://programnew.ru/optimization-system/275-evga-precision-x-538.html

    ) or MSI Afterburner ( http://msi-afterburner.download-windows.org/

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