8 customer service strategies in social networks

Digital customers have become the main target for many brands, however, it is necessary to execute some customer service strategies on social networks so that you can reach and communicate properly with them. Since, the client who uses digital platforms is different and has other ways of communicating.

Likewise, this digital user, although it may be seen as easier to persuade to buy, the truth is that, due to the high demand, the company must have a differentiating element that makes it attractive in their eyes . Otherwise, the potential customer may fall for the competition that offers features such as good customer service.

At the end of the day, quality customer service can become a crucial factor for customers to prefer to work with your company. For this reason, in this article I will explain the characteristics that good customer service should have and 8 customer service strategies on social networks that will help you perfect your digital attention.

But first, know the points that will be addressed in this article.

  1. 1) Characteristics of good customer service
    1. 1.1) Friendly and personalized attention
    2. 1.2) Total availability
    3. 1.3) Multichannel
    4. 1.4) Good management of information
    5. 1.5) Good customer understanding
  2. 2) 8 customer service strategies in social networks
    1. 2.1) Choose the platforms correctly
    2. 2.2) Take care of the time of your answers
    3. 2.3) Unify all your communication channels
    4. 2.4) Train your agents
    5. 2.5) Implement chatbots
    6. 2.6) Track all cases
    7. 2.7) Ask your customers for feedback
    8. 2.8) Always say thank you

Characteristics of good customer service

characteristics of good customer service
A fundamental feature in a level customer service is the amount of availability that you can provide to the user.

Customer service is a differentiating factor between companies, and must cover before, during and after contact with customers. This process involves several stages and factors, but it doesn’t just mean answering users’ questions , but also helping them even if the customer hasn’t asked for our help yet.

Due to the importance and repercussion in a company that customer service can have, it is necessary that it does or does have certain characteristics so that it can be considered quality customer service. Next, we will see what these characteristics are.

Friendly and personalized attention

The first essential characteristic that all good customer service must have is that every interaction you have with our company must be friendly and courteous. The tone of communication used with users must always be friendly , so that the client can feel comfortable and satisfied with the care that is being provided.

Likewise, customer service must be personalized, that is, you must treat the customer according to their tastes and needs . A good tip to be able to achieve this is to treat the user by her name and remember special dates for which you can offer promotions or offers, in this way customers will know that they are taken into account by the business.

Total availability

A fundamental feature in a level customer service is the amount of availability that you can provide to the user. I am talking about the hours of attention that you are granting so that they can communicate with your business. Now, many companies tend to set limited business hours, which can cause them to lose customers.

This is because modern customers, especially those who have grown up with the digital world, will want to communicate with a business at any time and this also applies to making a purchase. For this reason, it is necessary that you can grant your clients total availability and for this you can help yourself with tools such as chatbots.

Customer service is about being able to understand the customer in order to maintain good communication.


All businesses, especially e-commerce, must be able to reach their customers through different social networks. Now, it shouldn’t be every platform, but at least two that your target audience uses frequently . I say not all of them, because your clients may not use them and you would be wasting efforts in vain.

But, it is important that you can offer him this multi-channel feature, since you are giving him a choice. And that is something that users come to appreciate a lot, since you are not putting limits on where they can communicate with your company .

Good handling of information

A characteristic of customer service that is essential is the good management of information , both about your products or services and about your own company. This is because users tend to ask questions or queries about issues that are not clear to them and you, as a business, must have the ability to clarify them.

Now, although you can go and search for information about the query that a user may have made to you, this would take some time in which the client may lose interest. And that is something that we do not want to happen, so handling this information well would give you the necessary speed so that the user is satisfied.

Good customer understanding

This characteristic of customer service is about being able to understand the customer in order to maintain good communication. In other words, you must have the ability to understand how users want to be treated , not everyone likes to be addressed by names or is okay with being called by diminutives, they may just want more direct or less informal attention.

Therefore, it is good that from the first contact you realize what the preferences and tastes of the user are. In addition, you will be able to make the client feel comfortable and due to that attention they will always want to return to work or acquire your company’s products. And, as we know, they can spend more to acquire a service of that level.

All the customer service features mentioned above are essential for users to perceive that the attention they have received is exceptional and, more importantly, for them to want to work with your business again. 

8 customer service strategies in social networks

Social networks have become the favorite communication channels for users, as they provide benefits that they do not receive with other platforms. The close treatment, the speed of response and the permanent contact are just some of those advantages. However, for customers to receive a good level of care, it is necessary to execute some strategies .

Choose the platforms correctly

The first customer service strategy in social networks that you must execute so that all the others can go well is choosing the platforms correctly. In other words, what many can recommend as a tactic is that you have a presence on all social networks, this does not always work well with all businesses and what you are doing is offering poor service.

Now, you must understand that, although the aim is to better reach the user, he may use certain networks and not others. Therefore, it is important that you carry out an analysis of the behavior of your customers in the digital world. Since, only in this way can you have true knowledge of whether the communication with your clients will be successful, otherwise, it would not work.

Take care of the time of your answers

Something for which customers prefer digital attention or attention through social networks is due to its speed. The instantaneity of responses is a benefit that only digital platforms have been able to offer successfully and is one of the reasons why they have become the favorite communication channels for users.

However, the speed at which your customers will get their answers will depend solely on how you manage your company’s social networks .

Therefore, one of the most important customer service strategies in social networks is that you take care of the time of your responses. By this I mean that you always stay on top of your social networks, so that customers can get that speed they need. In addition, this way you always keep users interested.

Unify all your communication channels

In order for you to offer all your customers successful communication with speed and speed, you need to unify all your channels. In other words, adopt an omnichannel strategy so that you can unite all your platforms and provide the same quality of customer service on each of them.

So that you can correctly comply with this customer service strategy on social networks, you can help yourself with omnichannel software . With which you can have all your channels on the same platform, and in this way, you can follow the thread of the conversation regardless of the platform through which the user communicates.

Train your agents

It is super important that you train the agents who will respond to your customers through social networks. This so that they can know how to handle any type of user correctly, it is not surprising that , just as there are very friendly clients, there are also very rude or angry ones. And in order for everyone to receive good customer service, you must educate your agents.

We all know that dissatisfied customers mean bad reputation for a business , and in this case it would be a bad online reputation. But, for this not to happen, the people who manage your networks must be able to resolve complaints and provide the information that users may need.

Implement chatbots

Chatbots can become your best friends, so this is a customer service strategy in social networks that you should implement . Chatbots can give you that speed of response that customers expect, and best of all, their simultaneous customer service capabilities are limitless.

This means that, if several clients request attention through different platforms at the same time, the chatbots will be able to attend to all of them immediately. Which is a super advantage if you are looking to maintain a high level of customer service. In addition, this way it is safer that customers want to continue communicating with your business.

Track all cases

If what you want to achieve with your customer service is that it be exceptional whenever you serve a user, you must give importance to each case you attend, so it is important that you also follow up on it. Make sure you know how the client’s situation has developed over time and if they are satisfied.

In this customer service strategy on social networks, what you can do is communicate with users from time to time and ask them how they are doing with the development that has been given to their case .

In this way, customers will feel appreciated and know that the company has them in consideration , in addition, it is a good way to manage your social networks.

Ask your customers for feedback

One of the great advantages of communicating with your customers through social networks is that you can contact them at any time and it is a much friendlier medium that users prefer to use. Therefore, you must be able to take full advantage of it and start asking the clients with whom you have already spoken about feedback on the attention they have received.

Customers tend to be more willing to talk through digital channels, because they are much friendlier and the conversation format is engaging. Due to this, you have the opportunity to ask them about the things that they liked about their attention or the things that they believe can be improved in order to improve it and make them feel satisfied.

always give thanks

Another good social media customer service strategy that works well is to always say thank you. Whether the customer has called to buy something, ask a question, or make a complaint, be sure to thank them when you’re done with them. This simple gesture can bring great benefits to the online reputation of your company.

This is because customers will always want to feel that the company puts them first and they can perceive it even through a conversation. Therefore, do not forget to end the conversation by thanking the user , also try to make the communication denote a friendly and positive tone so that the client can have confidence.

So, all these customer service strategies in social networks mention different factors that will add up to be able to provide good customer service, with the aim that users are satisfied . In the same way, you will be able to improve certain processes in order to improve the service you provide to your customers.

Close your eyes and imagine it’s a bad dream! So that users do not consider your customer service to be a nightmare, you must implement customer service strategies on social networks that will help you improve it, so that all your customers can feel satisfied.

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