6 digital marketing strategies in social networks of your business

Learning digital marketing strategies in social networks has become essential for the presence of all businesses. This, because digital channels are part of the lives of users and that is where your brand should be displayed.

Therefore, in this article, I will explain in detail 6 digital marketing strategies for your business’s social networks . But first, know what other topics are going to be addressed in this article.

  1. 1) 6 digital marketing strategies in social networks
    1. 1.1) Content Marketing
    2. 1.2) Storytelling
    3. 1.3) Video Marketing
    4. 1.4) Social media ads
    5. 1.5) Omnichannel Marketing
    6. 1.6) Mobile Marketing
  2. 2) 4 characteristics of a digital marketing strategy
    1. 2.1) Segmentation
    2. 2.2) Bidirectionality
    3. 2.3) Personalization
    4. 2.4) Measurement
  3. 3) 5 most used social networks in digital marketing strategies
    1. 3.1) Facebook
    2. 3.2) WhatsApp
    3. 3.3) Instagram
    4. 3.4) Youtube
    5. 3.5) LinkedIn
  4. 4) Conclusions

6 digital marketing strategies in social networks

Social media digital marketing strategies are important in this digital age. The content offered by these channels is mostly user purchasing decisions. Therefore, I compiled 6 main strategies that will help you position your brand.


The first of the digital marketing strategies in social networks is content marketing. This tactic consists of creating and disseminating meaningful content with the aim of capturing potential customers and retaining existing customers . In addition, as it is a long-term strategy, it manages to improve the reputation of the brand.

You must bear in mind that content marketing does not consist of publishing for the sake of publishing. The idea is to create valuable content that solves the pain points of the users . For example, a clothing brand can advise how to put together casual outfits with their own products.

The key is to give them valuable content and that your product is presented as a solution to their problems.


Who doesn’t like stories? Storytelling is a digital marketing strategy on social networks that allows you to connect with your audience through narrative . This is where it can be used to convey the mission, history, identity and even the characteristics of a product or service offered by the brand.

For a storytelling to work, it is essential that it has a well-developed anatomy . According to SEMrush, the structure should be as follows:

  • Realistic: The story you are going to offer must be connected with the objectives of your business.
  • Authentic: It must have the personality, values ​​and other unique attributes of your business.
  • Empathetic: Placing your customers at the center making them stand out in the story.
  • Emotional: The story has to awaken emotions and feelings in the users.
  • Convincing: You have to have reasons for users to take an action, such as leaving their data.
  • Relevant: Show what benefits what you offer has on the lives of your potential customers.


It is estimated that videos can increase the recognition of a business by up to 140% . And, as the intellectual Marco Aurelio Denegri would say, there is currently a “videocracy”. That is, the entry of images adapts better than words.

Therefore, create valuable videos for your customers. A classic example is at Securitec, on our channel we provide advice for our target audience. However, only 5% of the content is used to offer our products. It means that it is better to create quality content that is related to the solution offered by your products.

social media ads

Paid social media ads is one of the social media digital marketing strategies that can have multiple approaches . For example, that they only know your business, increase your digital sales or that they write you directly to WhatsApp.

Therefore, before venturing into the ads, ask yourself: what do I want to achieve? Once you answer that question, you can start with your paid advertising plans on the channels where your audience is the most.

As a marketing analyst, I will tell you that experience has taught me that there is no minimum or maximum for the digital advertising budget . Assign an amount that suits your business that does not affect your return so much.

omnichannel marketing

One of the digital marketing strategies that will help you to be above your competitors will be omnichannel marketing. The objective is to generate a unique experience for customers through the different communication channels . That means that all your channels should be unified in one place.

Therefore, it is important to have an omnichannel platform that helps you integrate them. In this way, all the actions that are in your digital marketing strategies will be much easier to apply .

mobile marketing

Mobile marketing initiatives can include many of the digital marketing strategies mentioned above . That is, a combination of storytelling, content marketing and videos through push notifications.

The importance of mobile marketing is increasing as the number of mobile shoppers is expected to grow to approximately 187.5 million users by 2024. However, the challenge is to offer a smooth and user-friendly experience.

To start with this type of strategy, it is essential to start with WhatsApp and have its API . With this tool, you will be able to send promotional or valuable content notifications to your customers who are in your database. All this without falling into spam. Thus, the user experience will be much better for this type of strategy.

4 characteristics of a digital marketing strategy

5 most used social networks in digital marketing strategies
Use the social network that is most popular with your target audience.

Now that you know what strategies to apply, know what general characteristics each of them must meet . Thus, we would be better applying these tactics.


Every digital marketing strategy in social networks must be segmented. In other words, we must know to which audience we are going to deliver our messages. To get this information, I would recommend that you access the statistics of your business’s Facebook or Instagram account . You can also help yourself from the Google Analytics account .

Consequently, you can target your campaigns according to factors such as geographic area, gender, interests, etc. This, together with the massiveness, causes more successful investments to be made.


Digital marketing and the internet allow new spaces and new channels to be enabled that give rise to an interaction between consumers and brands. That is, it gives way to a communication that flows between both directions.

Therefore, it is necessary for your business to be bidirectional and to be able to communicate with people without any barriers . For that, I would recommend you to implement chatbots . So your users will always have an appropriate response every time they communicate with you.


Today’s consumers are exposed to a lot of information, yet they also have control over their purchase decision . And if there is something that influences what they acquire or not, it is personalization.

They like to perceive that brands speak directly to them. Therefore, to achieve this you can use the data obtained from your digital marketing campaigns.


All digital marketing strategies must be measurable. Therefore, establish key indicators or KPIs that allow you to know if your strategies are really working . In this way, you can apply necessary changes that will help you continue to improve your marketing plans.

5 most used social networks in digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing strategies were born with the emergence of social networks. But which is the best for your business? The answer is it depends. And it’s not a cliché word from marketers, but each channel is tailored to your business. For this reason, here I present the characteristics of each channel so that you can see which one is the most optimal for you .


Facebook is presented as one of the favorite social networks among Internet users, since it is one of the few that allows the publication of content in almost all formats . In addition, it is also one of the most user-friendly.

For this reason, brands have chosen it as a great platform to execute their digital marketing strategies . Likewise, Facebook has Facebook Business , specially designed for companies, in which you can advertise your products or services.


WhatsApp has more than two billion monthly active users worldwide, earning it the position of the leading mobile messaging application. This is because the platform allows close and immediate communication, which is very attractive for companies, as they seek to maintain this type of contact with their customers.


Instagram helps 80% of its users decide whether to buy a product or service . Due to this, companies have seen in this social network a great tool to execute their digital marketing strategies . In addition, its ability to share content in formats such as images or stories have made Instagram a platform that provides closeness between the brand and its customers.

Additionally, if your goal is to attract a younger target, Instagram is your social network, as it is very popular with that audience.


YouTube has also become one of the favorite networks among brands, since ads on this platform have the potential to reach 2.56 billion users. In addition, as some mention, audiovisual content generates greater interest in users. Which can cause more visibility and better positioning.


LinkedIn is a social network essentially developed for the world of work, it helps to establish contacts, find jobs, etc. Due to this feature, companies use it to carry out digital marketing , since it is a great source of brands and people who actually want to receive recommendations and content of interest to them.

All these platforms mentioned are excellent to be able to implement digital marketing strategies in social networks , since, as we saw, each one of them can provide your company with great benefits related to its objectives.


Digital marketing strategies in social networks are necessary to position your business both organically and paid. A good implementation guarantees that the income of your company increases .

If you have already decided to implement some of these strategies seen in the article, I advise you to apply an omnichannel approach . This way you will be able to provide all your customers with good communication through digital platforms.

In addition, with omnichannel you will have the possibility of providing a unique experience to all your customers through their preferred channel. Remember that the user experience is a key point not only to sell more, but also so that your customers get a good concept of your business . This contributes to loyalty.

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