3 good reasons to use Discord

Discord is a platform that allows game enthusiasts to come together around the same vision and communicate while distributing content. Discord is one of the best places for small communities. In addition, many see it as a way to share experiences, vision, with friends and family. Why should I use Discord? Answers here.

Discord to socialize

Discord is a platform designed for artists and also film actors. They share their ideologies and are at the same time interacting with their communities. The latter can ask each actor or artist questions directly at the end of their performance. Of course this is not an obligation.

Discord offers an interactive calendar of events . In this calendar, you have the possibility to select the discussions you want. This will allow you to be notified when the chats you pre-selected are about to start. They will post important announcements and links as the event progresses.

Users can stream movies, courses , discussion topics, business ideas, or life experiences. Discord offers participants the ability to check out video chat platforms in a virtual world like Gather . This virtual environment facilitates access to multiple groups of users. Each presenter has a group. The goal of Discord is to create an environment that welcomes the ambitious, each person joins the community with a well-defined project or with their objectives. is thus exposed to the appreciation of several other users and the bearer of the idea is filled with fairly constructive proposals to carry out his idea of ​​creation.

Discord to express yourself better

If you want to express yourself better, have more impact in your messages, make yourself better understood, you can use discord. How to succeed in this bet?

Like other online chat platforms, Discord uses certain Markdown syntax elements for text formatting. It is :

  • basic discord text formatting
  • italicize in discord
  • bold in discord
  • underline text in discord
  • cross out text in discord
  • strikethrough text formatting options
  • adding code blocks to messages
  • use of block quotes, etc.

Using the Markdown syntax, you can also bold, italicize, underline, or strikethrough formatting Discord messages. In addition, it is necessary to have a certain command of the language in which you wish to communicate. A little reading will improve your vocabulary.

Discord to stream Netflix

Discord is also used to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix. Netflix streamingis not a complicated process. It’s just up to you to treat Netflix like any other game. That way Discord will recognize it. It will start streaming it without any problem. Netflix streaming via Discord allows you to chat with your friends while watching a show or video together. Even if you don’t end up in the same abode or house, you can watch follow the same instantly. What makes Discord streaming more exciting is that you can stream a movie or TV show while leaving your camera on. You can also let your friends see your reactions and what is happening on the screen. You also have the option of streaming Netflix on Discord without a black screen.

It is not possible to stream Netflix via Discord on your android phone. Nevertheless, you can use it to make voice and video calls. You can install Discord on your phone, login or create an account to chat with your friends.

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