$100 million new Bitcoin purchase from Luna Foundation

LUNA Foundation Guard continues to buy Bitcoin. Finally, he made a new purchase of $ 100 million and increased the amount of Bitcoin in his reserve to over 40 thousand.

LUNA Foundation Guard attracts attention with its frequent Bitcoin (BTC) purchases. Luna Foundation Guard (LFG), which invests in Bitcoin to support the TerraUSD algorithmic stablecoin, has purchased an additional $100 million in Bitcoin (BTC), bringing its total holdings to 42,406 BTC.

Amount of Bitcoin in Luna Foundation’s Reserve: 42 thousand 406 BTC

The non-profit Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) purchased $173 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) at the end of last week, bringing the amount of Bitcoin it holds to close to 40,000. He bought Bitcoin (BTC) again. LUNA Foundation Guard bought another 2,508.94 BTC, this time worth $100.6 million. The total amount of BTC in the reserve has increased to  42,406 BTC .

As a reminder, over the past week, Luna Foundation Guard has made a number of crypto purchases. To give an example, the foundation announced that it purchased $230 million worth of Bitcoin on April 6 and $200 million worth of AVAX on April 8.

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