After almost 3 years of pandemic and economic crisis, to which are added the changes in the forms of work and the growing flight of young talents, more and more companies are aware of the importance of the human talent that makes up their equipment.

Talent has become a strategic asset for companies, since the new business paradigm is centered on people and the results they obtain in relation to the objectives set. That is why, now that many organizations are in the midst of readapting and reinventing themselves in the face of a constantly changing world, they are looking for professionals who have the skills to address constant challenges and, in turn, who are aligned with the mission, vision and company values.

Promoting human talent within our organizations will help us not only retain talent, but also help them exploit their full potential and creative capacity, which will benefit both the employee and the organization.


  1. We identify talent inside and outside the company

Many times when we are faced with the opening of a new position, our first option is to go out and look for talent, but what we leave aside is that we can find talent within our teams that has all the capacity to face new challenges. This in turn will allow employees to further explore their skills and career development.

  1. Boosting team motivation

To prevent talent from leaving your organization to the competition, your workers must never lose motivation. To achieve this, you can choose to offer them options to develop professionally and personally with incentives tailored to their needs and within a suitable work environment.

Determine the professional profile of your talent and look for the options that best suit their needs and that are within your possibilities.

  1. Encourage commitment and teamwork

If we want our talent to be committed to the organization, we must work to achieve a relationship of trust, offer an environment where collaborators feel comfortable, and promote teamwork. The commitment of a collaborator is not only reflected in the fact of not losing talent, but also in the achievement of objectives, greater innovation and creativity, willingness to change, and a more open and participatory mentality.

  1. Constant communication is key

Communication must be two-way and geared towards meeting the needs of workers regarding work, but also with a deep understanding of the balance between work and personal life. Constant and assertive communication will help improve productivity, create a comfortable workspace and encourage teamwork.

  1. Appropriate and timely feedback

To achieve excellent results, the environment must be stimulating for the workers, and although evaluating the performance of the workers is key for any company, in order for them to improve their performance, it is essential to provide adequate and timely feedback regarding the results. The idea is to exchange comments and data between the manager and the worker, so that we can help our teams achieve goals and improve their performance, or also congratulate them and recognize their work when goals and objectives are successfully met. planned. It is not about demanding changes, but about offering the tools to the worker so that he reaches the solution.

If you are one of those who seeks to promote talent within the team, start by doing the test, put these tips into practice, and you will be surprised at the results you can obtain.

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