Why does Windows have a “hidden” button in the lower right corner?

We usually use electronic devices and are not even aware of the number of functions that they have. Some functions a simple user will never use, and some are very useful, we will talk about such of them in this article.

The button is located in the lower right corner of the screen and is highlighted with a vertical bar

Button to quickly hide all windows

This button is required in order to hide all open programs and see the desktop. Sometimes, it can be very convenient, for example, to find a file or folder on the desktop.

It happens that in the browser we can view confidential information, for example, a bank account. If someone passes by whom we do not want to show this information, then with this button we will quickly hide all windows from prying eyes.

In the upper right corner of any program on Windows there are three characters, they are needed to control the open window. With the help of this dash, you can temporarily hide this window. To open it again, you need to click on the program icon at the bottom of the screen on the strip where all open programs are indicated.

Two squares in the same window are needed in order to change the size of the open window, as you need. Thus, you can make several programs appear on the computer screen at once. For example, a video is included on the right, and a website with a weather forecast or news is open in the window on the left.

Well, the cross in the upper right corner closes and stops the program when you click on it.

Why is it convenient to use the “hidden” button

Because in the usual way we will close all programs one by one, if there are several such programs, then it is long and inconvenient. This  special button  closes all programs at once and, when pressed, opens everything at once. It’s fast and practical.


If you want to quickly hide all open windows from prying eyes, then this function will come in handy. It can also be convenient to quickly return to the desktop and open a new program, find a file or folder to work with.

Previously, I also did not know about the existence of this button and what functions it performs. You will gradually also learn new and useful functions on computers and smartphones, which will increase the comfort from using electronic devices.


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