Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G : simple hype ?

Do you feel the need to change your smartphone? On the market, there is a wide variety, which can make the choice more complex. However, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Utra 5G is the new master of seduction. Thanks to its shape and design, it is the best choice to make if you are looking for a powerful tool. Find out here what makes this model more magnificent

Ergonomics and design

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Utra 5G is the flagship of the Samsung brand which succeeds the S20 Ultra. It is a little smaller than its predecessor, but still impressive (165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9 mm). He gains a little more weight to make 227 g. Its 20:9 ratio makes it a long mobile, which makes it very pleasant to hold. On the back, the matte black finish looks better and attracts less fingerprints.

At the front, the South Korean giant reiterates the choice of an Oled panel with a punch in the middle. Under the screen is the second generation fingerprint reader which is much more responsive. Unlocking is almost instantaneous . _


The panel of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Utra 5G is in continuity with that of the S20 Ultra. It is the best screen on the market. A beautiful and large 6.8-inch display , with WQHD+ definition (3200 x 1440 pixels) offering an adaptive refresh rate at 120 Hz. The “natural” mode allows you to benefit from the best rendering for the eye and for use.

The maximum brightness reaches 999 cd/m2. Daytime use is excellent, but care must be taken with sun glare (reflectance measured at 50.2%). The touch delay is 47ms, which is a good score for playing video games.

Performance and audio rendering

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Utra 5G is comfortable in managing RAM. The Exynos 2100 chip therefore has nothing to envy its competitors on Android, which is excellent news. The chip benefits from 5 nm engraving and has a Cortex X1, 3 Cortex-A78, 4 Cortex-A55 and 1 Mali-G78 GPU.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Utra 5G hides AKG-certified stereo speakers (Samsung’s audio brand). With a power of 76 dB at 10% distortion, it allows you to enjoy videos or music on speakers at a very audible volume. USB-C earphones are supplied with the device and Bluetooth 5.2 allows you to connect a wireless headset to it.

The photo and video

The back block of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Utra 5G impresses physically since it has a large format justifying the integration of a quadruple module. The main sensor, with “wide-angle” optics equivalent to 24 mm (f / 1.8), displays 108 megapixels on the counter. You can, from the interface, opt for a 4/3 format in 108 megapixels, at the risk of obtaining shots that exceed 12 MB.

He has many good points. Its laser autofocus is clearly visible on the photo block. The main sensor is supplemented by 2 sensors of 10 megapixels. This offers a zoom level of 3x (70mm) and 10x (240mm). The video benefits from a large number of options, in particular that of filming in 8 k at 24 fps. It is equipped with a 40 Mpx front camera (f / 2.2 optics).


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Utra 5G includes a comfortable 5000 mAh battery . Samsung therefore contented itself with renewing the same capacity as the S20 Ultra. It is also the largest capacity at the moment apart from the Asus Zenfone 7 Pro or the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. By setting the screen brightness to 200 nits with the adaptive display frequency, the autonomy can be 9 h 40 min. In a real situation, it can remain in operation between 1 day and 2 days, with multimedia use not too strong.

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