Internet Censor – effective parental control

Internet Censor is a free program for parental control. The program is designed to effectively block sites that may be dangerous for a child when he uses the Internet.

There are many dangers on the web, even a simple click on a link can lead a child to a site that can harm him, inspire false ideas, etc. In order not to endanger children, it is recommended to use the parental control functions that are available in special programs.

The Internet Censor program was developed by domestic experts to ensure a reliable ban on visiting unwanted sites on the Internet. In its work, the program focuses on the so-called “white list” of sites that are allowed to be visited. All other sites on the Internet will be unavailable.

In total, the “white list” database of the Internet Censor program contains more than a million manually checked sites. This list includes trusted Russian Internet sites and major foreign sites.

When using the program, resources on the Internet are filtered, depending on the program settings. Priority is given to lists of sites manually added by the user that will be available or, conversely, not available, depending on the user’s preferences.

When the filtering mode is enabled, Internet traffic will go through the Internet Censor program, so attempts to bypass the filtering will not be successful. The program cannot simply be removed from the computer, as this will require a password from the program.

If you try to delete or bypass filtering, a message about such actions will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the program.

Since the program blocks the bulk of sites, it can be used to restrict access to relevant resources not only for children. Suppose a husband, instead of helping his wife with the housework, is going to play an online game. Meanwhile, the wife turns on the filtering in the Internet Censor program, thinking: “Well, dear, now you will play World of Tanks …”.

The free program Internet Censor can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer. The program is recommended for use by state and public structures.

After the download is complete, you can start installing the Internet Censor program on your computer.

Installing Internet Censor

In the first window of the Internet Censor installation wizard, click the “Next” button.

In the next window, you will need to activate the item “I accept the terms of the license agreement”, and then click on the “Next” button.

In the new installation wizard window, you will need to enter your username and your email address. After entering the data, click on the “Next” button.

In the “Set password” window, you will need to create a password to access the Internet Censor program. The password can include up to 20 letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet. A password can be created and saved using a password manager such as the free KeePass program .

Then you will need to select the folder where the program will be installed. You can change the default installation path. To continue the installation, click on the “Next” button.

In the next window, click on the “Install” button.

The process of installing the program on the computer begins. At this time, the Internet connection will be disconnected, and upon completion of the installation of the program, you will need to restart the computer. Therefore, close both open documents and applications in order not to lose current data.

At the final stage of installing the Internet Censor program, click the “Finish” button. The computer will restart to complete the installation of the program.

If the anti-virus program warns you about the undesirability of launching the application, as well as access of the program components to the Internet, allow the Internet Censor program to work on your computer.

Launching the Internet Censor program

By default, the Internet Censor program will start with the start of the Windows operating system.

You can open the program window from a shortcut on the Desktop, or using an icon from the notification area. First, a window will open in which you will need to enter a password to enter the program.

If you have forgotten your password, after clicking on the “Remind password” link, the password will be sent to the e-mail box specified in the program settings.

If in the program, at the moment, Internet filtering has been disabled, then this will be signaled in the notification area by the program icon in red. When filtering is enabled, the program icon will be blue.

When you try to hack or remove the Internet Censor program, the icon in the notification area will flash, changing colors.

Internet Censor program settings

After opening the main window of the Internet Censor program, you can configure filtering rules, create lists of allowed and blocked sites, and make other settings in the program.

In the “Filtering” tab, it will be possible to disable site filtering. To do this, you will need to click on the “Turn off” button.

Here you can set several levels of filtering:

  • “Maximum” – only those sites that you added yourself will be allowed.
  • “High (recommended) — sites added by you and manually verified sites of the Russian Internet will be allowed.
  • “Medium” – manually checked Runet sites, main foreign sites, sites you added will be allowed.
  • “Minimum” – manually checked Runet sites, main foreign sites, automatically checked foreign sites, sites added by you, sites with uncontrolled content will be allowed.

At the maximum level of filtering, access will only be possible to the sites you added. All other sites will be blocked.

A high level of filtering is recommended for most users. The sites that you have added to the list of allowed sites, as well as verified sites of the Russian-speaking Internet, will be available.

The medium level of filtering should be used if you need access to foreign sites. At this level, added sites, verified Runet sites, and main foreign sites are available.

The minimum filtering level is recommended if you need access to sites with uncontrolled content. In this case, potentially dangerous sites will be allowed. The sites you added, verified Runet sites, major foreign sites, sites with uncontrolled content will become available. In particular, social networks, file-sharing networks, photo hosting, video hosting, blogs, chats, online games will be available.

In the “My rules” tab, you can add sites to allow or prohibit visiting these resources.

In the “Allow sites” field, you will need to enter the addresses of sites so that the Internet Censor program does not block access to them, regardless of the filtering settings.

Accordingly, in the “Block sites” field, enter the addresses of those sites, access to which should be terminated, regardless of the level of program settings.

In the “Settings” tab, you can customize the program according to your preferences.

Here it will be possible to prohibit Internet pagers (ICQ, QIP, Mail.Ru Agent, Skype, etc.), file-sharing networks (BitTorrent, Emule, etc.), remote desktop and FTP protocol.

Using the buttons “Check for updates”, “Change password”, “Change mailing address”, “Connection settings” you can perform the necessary actions.

In order for the changes in the program settings to take effect, it will be necessary to close open browser windows. After the restart, the browser will follow the new settings of the Internet Censor program.

Internet site filtering

After completing the Internet Censor settings, you can minimize the program window to the notification area. Now it will be possible to launch the browser and try to go to some site.

When I tried to enter my site (, I saw this page instead of my site. The Internet Censor changed the page of my site, inserting his message instead.

Here are the possible reasons for blocking the site:

  • You yourself have added this site to the list of prohibited sites.
  • The filtering level is set too high.
  • The site contains information potentially dangerous for children.
  • The site has not yet been verified by the program.

To speed up the verification of a particular site, you can send a request on the site

In order to immediately open access to a specific site, you will need to go to the “My rules” tab. In the “Allow sites” field, enter the address of the corresponding web page that you want to unblock using the Internet Censor program.

If the web page address was entered incorrectly, then it will be highlighted in red in the corresponding field.

This can be done in an easier way. To do this, you will need to copy the site address from the address bar of the browser, and then paste it into the appropriate (allow or deny) list using the context menu.

For more stringent filtering, you can use the special character “*”, which will need to be added before the site address.

In some cases, after adding a site to the list of allowed sites, this site continues to be blocked or displayed incorrectly. To unlock the resource, you will need to enter additional addresses. A list of additional addresses for popular resources can be found on the website of the manufacturer of the Internet Censor program, in the “Technical Support” section.

You can save lists of allowed and prohibited sites to your computer by right-clicking on the appropriate section. To do this, select the “Save to file” item in the context menu.

If you have previously compiled a list of sites, then you can upload them to the appropriate section of the program (allow or deny sites) from the context menu by selecting the “Upload file” command for this.

Disable internet filtering

To disable Internet traffic filtering in the main program window, in the “Filtering” tab, you will need to click on the “Turn off” button. After that, a window will open in which you will need to select the option to disable filtering. By default, the item “Before enabling the user” is enabled.

After selecting the shutdown option, click on the “OK” button.

The Internet will be available as usual until the moment when you turn on Internet filtering again.

How to remove Internet Censor

The Internet Censor program is removed from the computer in the standard way. Enter the “Control Panel”, then open the “Programs and Features” window, select the “Internet Censor” program, and then select the “Uninstall” item in the context menu.

After that, the uninstaller of the program will be launched, which will ask for a password from the program so that another user cannot remove the program from your computer. After entering the password, uninstalling and restarting the computer, the program will be completely removed.

Article Conclusions

The free program Internet Censor reliably filters Internet traffic, exercising the function of parental control. When filtering is enabled, only verified sites, as well as sites added by the user, will be available on the Internet.

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