How to Fix IDM Chrome Extension Not Appearing

IDM extension chrome is software on a PC or laptop and serves to download various videos. Internet Download Manager or IDM seems to be important and must be owned by everyone. It’s just that, if you don’t upgrade, you can experience various problems including not being able to download your favorite movie or video.

IDM chrome extension may not even appear in chrome if it’s really an error. Therefore, in order to avoid the error problem until it hangs, here are some tips that you can use to overcome IDM chrome extension not showing up on Google Chrome.

1. Chrome web store

Having an IDM extension error problem, maybe you can use the Chrome Web Store. You only need to visit the site to the Chrome Web Store, but you need to do the following important steps:

  • Brothers must open Google Chrome which you want to add the IDM extension to it.
  • The second step is to visit the Chrome Web Store site
  • Third, click the Add Extension button and start the installation until it’s finished.
  • Followed by clicking enable so that it is active.

2. How to fix IDM extension not showing up on Chrome

Another problem that users often experience is that IDM does not appear on the chrome page. The absence of IDM on the page makes it difficult for you to download videos. The problem of IDM chrome extension not appearing in chrome must be resolved immediately and you can use the Chrome Web Store to restore it. Here are the steps.

  • Brothers are required to open the Google Chrome Web Store site
  • Second, look for the IDM Integration Module, of course, you can take advantage of the search column feature.
  • If the search has been found, you can just install it and if it is, can immediately restart the Google Chrome application.
  • IDM extension chrome can be restored.

3. Reinstall IDM

Another solution when you experiences an IDM extension error is to re-install it. To experience the IDM error problem, you can follow a few easy steps below. Let’s see and understand the steps.

  • You need to make sure first if IDM has been installed on Windows . Generally, it can be identified by the presence of a tray icon with an IDM log.
  • Both you need to open the location where IDM has been installed. The trick, right-click on the IDM logo and select Open file location
  • Finally proceed by opening the Google Chrome site
  • Go to the Extension page by clicking the sign in the three dots and in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select more features and then click Extensions.
  • If it’s already open, install it right away. How to use the drag and drop feature in the IDMGCE file. Txt.crx in the IDM installation folder on the Google Chrome page. However, you need to activate developer mode first.
  • Click Add Extension or Add Extension.
  • Wait until the process is complete

4. How to fix IDM not showing up in Firefox

Another problem may be faced by you when they want to download videos using the mozilla firefox site. Maybe your brother’s IDM can’t appear and you feel confused. There are several factors why IDM does not appear in Firefox, it could be because it is not updated or even the full version or not

If it happens because your IDM is not full version, it is necessary to download the full version. Meanwhile, if the problem does not appear IDM because of the extension maybe you can follow some simple steps below.

  • First, you opens Mozilla Firefox.
  • Click the menu bar with three lines at the top right.
  • Followed by clicking the menu Add-ons / Add-Ons.
  • Select the Extensions or Extensions menu.
  • Click on the toggle/disable button.
  • Re-enable or Enable.
  • Done and can be used again.

5. Overcome IDM doesn’t appear on YouTube

Social media platforms such as You Tube are still used as a reference for many people to enjoy video presentations from anywhere in the world. Good video tutorials, cooking, music, art and much more. But some of us must think how to download videos on You Tube so that they can be enjoyed every day, without the need to access the internet.

IDM extension chrome is also a solution for many people to download videos on the You Tube page. Often times IDM is automatically installed on the top side of the YouTube page when we access the You Tube page.

But when you are faced with the problem of IDM not being near the You Tube page, you must feel confused about how to recover it. Below are some steps you can use to recover IDM on YouTube.

  • The first step, when your IDM is installed and has activated the IDM integration module.
  • The second step, you need to find the IDM button and it is usually in the upper right corner of the video. Click and select the video resolution and format you want to download.
  • The third step,maybe a pop-up ad download file info will appear and you can choose the download directory and the size of the file you want to download. If you have just click the Start Download button.
  • Step four,the video download will start immediately. Sooner or later the video will definitely be determined by the quality of the internet.
  • Step five, thedownload is complete and a complete download pop-up ad will appear.
  • Select opento open the file, Open with opens with certain software.
  • Open folderto open the destination and close to close .

6. Update idm

Having an IDM extension error problem, you may be able to use an alternative way, which is to upgrade. Either its IDM or Google Chrome. This IDM upgrade serves to restore the IDM role or even restore it. Below are some steps that you can take if IDM encounters an error situation.

  • Brothers use the Tray Icon on the Windows Taskbar to open IDM
  • At the top, click Help
  • Next select Check for Updates
  • Wait for the checking to finish properly. If it turns out to be updated, then congratulations you can rest easy. But if not, immediately do an update by using Quick Update.
  • By clicking Quick Update, the Quick Update window will appear
  • Done and IDM can be restored again.

7. Clean install idm

The next way if you experience an IDM extension error is to do a clean install of IDM. This method is intended to completely remove IDM until it is completely clean again. Only then can you put it back on. This solution can be tried, if you have installed IDM into Google Chrome even though IDM is not yet active.

This kind of method can be applied to remove the integration error message on Google Chrome, and even delete other error messages.

8. Activate IDM on the latest version of Google Chrome

Downloading videos on the You Tube page, for example, really needs the support of a tool in the form of IDM. Why, with IDM, videos can be easily downloaded and resized. Previously, you needed to activate IDM if they felt they needed the tool.

Below are some steps on how to activate IDM quickly and correctly, and you can do it on their own without an IT expert practitioner.

  • The first step, open the Google Chrome site and click the menu at the top. Select more tools and click Extensions.
  • The second step has appeared on the chrome extension page display section.
  • The third step, you need to temporarily reduce the size of Google Chrome. Go to the folder page where IDM is already installed.
  • The fourth step, in the folder section, look for a file with the name IDMGCExt.crx.
  • The Google Chrome page needs to be reopened. Position it on the side of the IDM Folder file list.
  • Then you click and hold  the crx filethen  drag it  to the Google Chrome Extension page.
  • Finally, you can click  Continueon the notification at the bottom of Chrome. Later, a new extension called  IDM Integration Module  (IDM) will appear. Please search then select  Activate .

9. IDM chrome extension manual

Next, if you are definitely curious about how to install IDM with manual steps. Yes, here are some steps you can apply to install IDM manually, very easily and quickly.

  • Visit the IDM directory that has been installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager.
  • Drag and drop thecrx extension to the chrome extensions page or visit Chrome menu  > Tools > Extensions.
  • Make sure you has checked Hide Extension for Known file types in the Folder Options dialog to see IDMGCEXT using the crx extension.

10. IDM settings for chrome browser

If you want to do IDM settings for the chrome browser, you need some easy steps below.

  • Open IDM software on PC or Laptop
  • Click the Download menu > Options
  • Go to the General tab  and see  Capture downloads from the following browsers  and  check Chrome  or all browsers installed on your laptop.
  • Select OK.

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