How to create an online game?

How to create an online game: Despite the fact that there are a huge variety of games on the market today, few can occupy their niche. And the point here is not only in the original idea and concept. There are many examples where a well-adapted clone has become more popular than the original, as well as cases where an interesting idea is broken by poor implementation. Emerging technologies require a careful approach to the development of online games if you want to make a product that would attract the attention of users.

What knowledge is needed to create browser games?

To start developing a browser game, you need to decide on the technology for its creation. If you are going to do it yourself, then you should build on the skills you already have and those that you plan to master in the near future to improve the quality of the product.

In general, there are three main components that make up a browser game:

  1. Client part. In this case, it’s Javascript. Almost all modern browser games are written in this programming language. There are analogues like CSS, CoffeeScript, ClojureScript, Dart, Haxe, Kotlin, but modern browsers will execute Javascript anyway. One way or another, knowing html + css will be very desirable.
  2. Server part. Most often it is php or Node.js. Here you should choose based on the needs of the technical implementation of the game. They are followed by Python and Ruby, options with no less tooling. Today, Erlang and Go are also used. These two languages ​​are quite young, and their development is only gaining momentum.
  3. Database storage. The most popular today can be called MySQL. It should be understood that the development of more powerful data constructors, although there is a place to be, is far from required in all cases, and their use is justified only when you are confident in the future product and plan to quickly attract a large number of people to the online game through advertising. .

Of course, there is no escape without knowledge of graphic editors at a good level. Even a simple game requires beautiful models and animations if you want to attract users to it. Including the case of buying ready-made constructors and source codes, their adaptation and adjustment to the game will be necessary.

Online game development – freelancer or agency?

This question is quite relevant at all times. Based on experience, we can safely say that a freelancer is cheaper only on paper. In fact, you will pay for this with your nerves and time. Yes, and there are always certain kinds of risks when the developer does not do the job right and goes into the sunset with your money.

In addition, the development of an online game is likely to require the help of other specialists. The customer himself will have to deal with their selection and carry out the interaction of different freelancers. This is fraught with many problems and misunderstandings.

Should I order the creation of an online game from a creative agency?

Experience shows that it is better to immediately turn to the services of a professional team. In doing so, you will receive:

  • professional recommendations and advice on aspects of the game; the final cost of development;
  • a specific deadline that you can focus on;
  • confidence that the team has all the necessary specialists to complete the task.

We are such a team of professionals at the creative agency Clickable Agency. It will be a good decision to order a service from us, because we value our reputation, we have successful cases, and all our specialists are located in the same office, which greatly simplifies their interaction and guarantees a task completed on time at a pre-declared cost.

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