Hay Day Hack and Cheats

Hay Day Hack is made specifically so that each of the players can get the in-game purchases that are in this game, absolutely free. Hay Day Hacking is presented in the form of Cheat Codes, which must be entered in the game to get one or another thing. Here, for example, you want to get Pile of Diamonds, and look, and the price of this purchase is $1.99, and of course you don’t want to pay for it, it’s easier to enter this Cheat Code “AB_beZIeMeQk4” on Hay Day. This hack does not even require any programming skills from you, etc. Moreover Hay Day Cheats work on all popular mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and BlackBerry. All of this does not require Root or Jailbreak access to crack Day R Survival. Since these cheats are universal, they are written in English, but they work great in all countries.

Hay Day Hack for Android:

  1. Pile of Diamonds $1.99 – AB_beZIeMeQk4
  2. Bag of Diamonds $4.99 – CD_mHGtyyLmLU
  3. Box of Diamonds $19.99 – PF_atAvTgTRhL
  4. Bag of Diamonds $0.99 – YZ_OGmDxzfNVc
  5. Pile of Coins $0.99 – OL_2fTCSNuFUN
  6. Sack of Diamonds $9.99 – OC_lZpqDtROKO
  7. Chest of Diamonds $39.99 – IJ_6iWWrGsKpe
  8. Box of Diamonds $2.99 ​​- MC_Bajsu29Ian
  9. Trunk of Diamonds $69.99 – SO_5A6SxSMe5Z
  10. Bag of Coins $2.99 ​​- MZ_gdceZ3CLaF

Hay Day Hack on iOS:

  1. Pile of Diamonds $1.99 – BI_SER8MHUd4x
  2. Bag of Diamonds $0.99 – OI_Hf1hwg6jVr
  3. Sack of Diamonds $9.99 – HK_Ek7U3Emh61
  4. Pile of Coins $0.99 – SC_vYE4uNuvVI
  5. Box of Diamonds $19.99 – TB_d8nHsmC7SK
  6. Bag of Coins $2.99 ​​- RX_I85G3VFTqh
  7. Trunk of Diamonds $69.99 – SG_GGbLKcIjif
  8. Box of Diamonds $2.99 ​​- BC_u207UDiJzb
  9. Bag of Diamonds $4.99 – GD_btbC19hoWi
  10. Chest of Diamonds $39.99 – GD_tP8gWW94jL

These cheat codes are provided by Supercell, which is the developer of the Hay Day game. The hack is already used by quite a few players, at the moment the most popular Cheat is this “MZ_gdceZ3CLaF”, with which you can get Bag of Coins, and other players buy it for $2.99 ​​and so advance in the Hay Day game. Hacking is very easy to use, you don’t even need to download any programs, just enter the code and get what you want.

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