Error code VAL 5 in Valorant – what to do?

An error with the VAL 5 code in Valorant occurs when connecting to servers from Riot Games. The text of the message says that the connection is lost and you just need to try to restart the game. In modern realities, you will have to wait too long until the problem is fixed, and whether it will disappear altogether is not clear. Also, before this message window appears, another one may appear, which says: “Failed to start matchmaking.”

Message text:

Connection lost. To restore it, restart the game client. Error code: VAL 5.

How to fix VAL 5 error in Valorant?

Now we are talking about a network error, which in 90% of cases is the result of using a blocked IP. It’s not entirely clear, it’s some kind of crooked regional blocking system for those of us playing from Russia. Or we are talking about a DDOS protection system that detected suspicious traffic from your IP. The obvious solution is to enable VPN. We previously wrote about the top 10 VPNs to choose from. An important nuance is that it should be exactly a program that also hides your real IP address. Fortunately, there is no shortage of such now.

Another solution is to change the DNS, this has worked for some. What should be done:

  1. By right-clicking on the connection icon in the tray area, we call up the pop-up menu and select “Network and Sharing Center”.
  2. Now open “Change adapter settings”.
  3. We go to the “Properties” of the connection, and then – “IP version 4”.
  4. We select the option to install DNS manually. We generally recommend and – Google DNS. Now the best solution may be some other, domestic server. For example, Yandex.DNS: and

All other assumptions, such as anti-cheat blocking, were not confirmed. Although the VAL 5 error in Valorant may be the result of technical work. Perhaps the servers are simply disabled and you need to check their availability at a given time. Here is the official website with the necessary information.

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