Color inversion on Android – what is it and why is it needed?

Why do I need color inversion in a smartphone and how to enable this feature?

Color Inversion is a feature that is available on most modern mobile devices. She changes the colors, making them opposite. This means that white becomes black, black becomes white, and so on.

How to enable or disable color inversion on the phone?

The “Invert colors” function can be activated in the phone settings. For this you need:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Find the Accessibility section .
  3. If necessary, go to the “Vision” section.
  4. Activate or deactivate the “Invert Colors” item.

If the option could not be found in the above path, it is recommended to use the search bar in the phone settings.

Why do you need color inversion?

Although this feature seems useless, it has several important uses. In addition, it is extremely necessary for people with visual impairments.

Enable dark mode everywhere

Most of the popular apps and social networks already have a built-in dark mode. But some programs do not support it. If you turn on Invert Colors on your phone, you can force dark mode on in apps that don’t have it natively.

It is important to clarify that such a mode will look adequate only in text (messages, text posts, readers, etc.). Images and videos may look unusual or have quality problems.

Weakened vision

The function was originally located in the “Accessibility” section and was created specifically for people with visual impairments. Since black color is less eye-straining, this feature is recommended for people who experience discomfort when using a phone with normal colors.

Write or read text in low light conditions

In dark rooms, high or medium brightness of the phone can be very hard on the eyes. At the same time, the minimum brightness will make what is happening on the screen less distinguishable, since black letters will be on a barely lit display, which, due to low brightness, appears gray. The ideal option in this situation is to enable color inversion. White letters will stand out well against a black background that won’t strain your eyes.

Reduce eye strain at night

Those who like to sit on the phone before going to bed will also find inversion useful. To reduce eye strain, just change the white background to black.

Makes it easier to read

If the reader does not have a dark mode, then color inversion will help. Since the text will turn white on a black background, the user will be able to read before bed or at night without worrying that their eyes will start to hurt or feel discomfort.

Pixel Burn Prevention

Another use of inverted colors is to prevent pixel burn -in on a smartphone display. Many people know that the screens of modern phones suffer from burn-in during prolonged use. Static display elements such as on-screen navigation buttons or the status bar are permanently displayed and therefore burn out faster. The Invert Colors option helps to reverse this condition, as it completely reverses the colors of these static elements, which cannot be done otherwise. Of course, in practice this method is extremely inconvenient to use.

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