5 uses of the WhatsApp Business API for real estate

Using the WhatsApp Business API for real estate is a very important step for your business to make a difference within the sector. And it is that this messaging application is one of the most used by users. Therefore, having your business present through this means makes it closer to them.

With the WhatsApp Business API , your business account will be able to obtain chatbots, multi-agent management, send mass messages, notifications, and much more. As you can read, the API powers this app a lot. Therefore, it is important that you start working with this tool to boost your sale.

The advantages offered by the API are designed to provide your customers with a unique experience , since you will have instant answers to each of their queries. Also, they will have access to a self-service, which the user will be able to choose when to visit a property without having contact with an agent.

Did you find it interesting? If you want to learn more about the WhatsApp Business API , I will leave you this article. Then, the next step you must do is learn how to use this tool in your real estate customer service and sales processes.

  1. 1) 1. To retain leads
  2. 2) 2. To book appointments
  3. 3) 3. For sending documents
  4. 4) 4. To answer frequently asked questions
  5. 5) 5. Seamless after-sales support

1. To retain leads

Generating quality leads for a real estate business can be quite exhausting considering the fierce competition. With the WhatsApp Business API , all your agents will be able to serve your potential customers at the same time. This prevents a customer from being left unanswered, reducing the risk of abandonment.

2. To book appointments

Clients can use your WhatsApp channel as a means to easily schedule a visit to the property you are selling . Also, if you implement a chatbot on WhatsApp , the tool can take note of the date and time and redirect the customer to a real agent whenever necessary for more detailed communication.

3. For sending documents

The presentation of documents is an extremely cumbersome and complex process in real estate transactions. Using WhatsApp as your primary channel, and supported by the API, it becomes super simple to send a whole set of documents without the customer bothering to wait in a queue or rely on agents.

4. To answer frequently asked questions

Using WhatsApp in your real estate business not only improves the buyer’s experience, but also that of the sellers. Since this tool can be used to answer some of the basic questions of your business . This reduces the workload on your agents, allowing them to handle more important cases.

5. Seamless after-sales support

The WhatsApp API is an effective tool to offer exceptional after-sales service at minimal cost. There are a number of questions and issues that new owners might have even after the sale is closed. With this app you can easily address such problems and questions in a friendly way.

What did you think of those uses? If you want to know more about the importance of the WhatsApp API with the real estate sector, we made a video where we detail in depth all the points you just read . You will not regret!

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